An Ageling from the Temple of Ages
An Ageling from the Temple of Ages
An Ageling from the Temple of Ages
An Ageling from the Temple of Ages

An Ageling from the Temple of Ages

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This ring-- made from Sterling silver-- is alive. It holds an entity that is called Zalambe. Zalambe is an elemental, which is a type of entity that has been created out of the powers and energies of Earth. Earth was created with Enochian magic by the Creator who spoke life into it. It is only natural that other entities will be born of this energy. After all, that is how the creator was born out of the chaos that existed in the universe. He was formed, he lived, and he was able to control the chaos.  



In the remotest region of Zambia, you will find what is called the Temple of Ages. IT is a Sub-Saharan oasis of magic that isn't really a temple at all. Rather, there are invisible boundaries that distinguish where the temple begins and ends. Only those of certain enlightenment can see those boundaries. These are the people that go by the collective name the Secret Society of the Temple of Age. They are a group of mages and sorcerers who have received visions or other forms of psychic call-outs from the Temple of Ages. They were led to this area in Zambia where they were able to embrace the powers that exist there.  



To understand the temple, you need to understand how magic works. For every action, there are infinite reactions. You create magic, but some energies are released from your magic that has allows your magic to take place. These energies are then freely roaming through the atmosphere until they are called upon by somebody else who needs them to create their magic.  



The Temple of Ages is a sort of vortex that was created by a mass collision of freely traveling energy. This vortex now attracts power and energy remnants to its location in Africa. It has been this way for thousands of years. It is a living entity and it has its mind. It calls out to people all over the world, as I've told you already. These are the people who are born the most powerful. Many times they are indigo children, star see children. people born with natural psychic abilities, people from particular bloodlines, so on and so forth. It guides them to its presence.  



The reason it does this is so that these mages can grow in power and magic. This collective, the Secret Society of the Temple of Ages, convenes in secret in Zambia. It's not as though anybody really knows that they do. There is nobody there to really see what they are doing. They don't have the light pollution of cities or towns. They are free to look out into the galaxy and collect not only the energies from the Temple but also from celestial sources. Occassionally, the energy comes together in ways that form living entities that the society calls Agelings.  



This piece is alive with the presence of an Ageling from the Temple of Ages. The ring was created by one of the Mages, a member of the society. Its name isit Zalambe. It was named after a sorcerer from Africa who is so old that he was present when pyramids were brought to Earth. He was there when there were two sphinxes instead of just one. Either way, he created this piece and it is extremely powerful.  



When you own this piece you will be able to connect to Zalambe. He is your Ageling liaison to the Temple of Ages. He is the one that will act as a conduit that will allow you to experience the magic of the Temple of Ages. Ergo, you can use his presence to gain any kind of magical knowledge that you want. Kabbalah, Hermetic, Alchemic, Divine, Egyptian Kemetic, Sumerian, Babylonian, Oriental, Native American, Aboriginal, Celtic, Druidic, Nordic, Vodun, Yoruban, and Cosmic are just some examples of the types of magic that Zalambe can show you.  



I want to be very clear. This piece is not an immediate manifestation piece. This piece requires time and care. You will need to work with this piece to manifest the magic that you ask of Zalambe. However, he has the knowledge to grant whatever you request of him. He has the power to manifest whatever you desire. He can change destinies. He can grant powers. He can even give you miracles if you need them. The possibilities of this piece are endless. IF you are lucky enough, Zalambe will appear to you in spirit form. He appears in an archaic form, which might be offputting to some, but he is ancient, so he appears in a form called en promortis, which is how spirits existed before creation was a thing. 



The bottom line. If you can't use the help of this living entity ring to create the power and magic that you want, then you are not being creative enough in your mind. This piece knows no obstacles and is not thwarted. The only thing that this piece needs to create some powers is time. Sometimes what you ask for will be available within a couple of days. Other times it will be months. The good thing is that you can always have several projects going on with this piece and it will not affect the efficacy with which it produces your magic. This piece is truly astounding.