An Ascended Hell Hound (Pic Coming Tomorrow)

An Ascended Hell Hound (Pic Coming Tomorrow)

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The piece that you are receiving holds the opposite of a fallen angel. I supposed you could call it an ascended demon. The truth is that it is an entity that is trapped in limbo between fates and doesn't really know what is going to happen. on one hand, you have the fact he was part of the original fall. He was one of the angels that fell with Satan into the Lake of Fire. On the other hand, he has used the power that Satan has given him to fight evil and to help protect humanity.

Every so often when Satan feels like he needs to start winning a stockpile of souls for whatever reason, he will release his demons into the Earthen realms. Such was the case with this spirit who calls himself Victor. He calls himself that because he feels like he has won against Satan, in a way. He may have to return one day, but to him, it's worth it. Satan released Victor from Hell to prey upon humankind and once Victor arrived on Earth he had a change of heart.

Instead of harming humanity, he protected them from the onslaught of evil that Satan released upon the Earth. This drew Satan's ire, but Satan has never been able to reclaim him because Satan doesn't have full submissive control over souls. Only God does. The ability that was given to Victor was the ability to Shapeshift into a Lycanthrope form-- that of a wolf.  Technically, he is a Hell Hound, but he doesn't like that terminology. Of course, he was given his human form, but the wolf form was extra. For hundreds of years Victor has been on Earth serving many humans, but he feels like the time has come for him to serve one master.

This piece gives you the presence of Victor. He is incredibly strong and very averse to ever doing evil again. He will offer protection from dark entities and he is the perfect protector because he knows all about them. He was one of them. He will bring you knowledge of Heaven before the fall, with a swath and arsenal of white light magical abilities that he can offer such as healing, wealth granting, vitality, etc. He also knows how to cast spells and will not hesitate to do so for you. He will give you his shape-shifting ability to practice with on the astral plane. He will act as a companion who will also be there with you, whether you can see him or not. You will be able to feel his presence and know that he is there.