Ancient Sumerian Wizard
Ancient Sumerian Wizard

Ancient Sumerian Wizard

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This piece was made by a gypsy that we know named Cortana. At least that's what she likes to be called. We don't really know what her real name is. She's kind of eccentric and over the top, so her real name could be anything. Either way, we found out that she has this uncanny gift of being able to channel spirits in the most unique type of way. I guess the unique thing about it isn't the fact that she can channel them, a lot of mediums can do that. It's more in the way that she is able to make her pieces.  


She stumbled across the ability one time when we were having her summon an ancient Sumerian aristrocrat who was believed to have dabbled in all sorts of magic. We found an artifact that was-- supposedly used for the conjuration of the dead. we tested the artifact and it indeed does conjure the dead in spirit form. We were wondering what other abilities he possessed, so we were having Cortant help us conjure him. Muh to the surprise of everyone present, the entity came through as a wise old man named Danshagga.  


Danshagga is the name of the aristocrat we were searching for. Here's the thing, though. As Cortana connected with him, he came through the third eye. His powers then raced down hee body, circulated her extremities, and then rebounded into the earrings that Cortana was wearing. His presence has been alive and well in this piece for some time now and Cortana has gone on to make scores of other items. In fact, if you a custom one, we can get her to ake one for you.  


However, this listing is about this piece. In this piece is held the presence of Danshagga, who was an ancient Sumerian Wizard. He knows the secrets of what is called the hidden alphabet, which is a dead language alphabet that was spoken by only those in Sumerian society who were able to create great magic. With this piece you will tell Danshagga what powers or magic you are into. He will create them for you and deliver them into your subconscious so those powers can become part of who you are.