Angelic Heart Anchor
Angelic Heart Anchor
Angelic Heart Anchor
Angelic Heart Anchor
Angelic Heart Anchor

Angelic Heart Anchor

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We got this piece at the Underground Auction and it is extremely unique.  Not only is it unique in what it can offer you, but it is unique in the type of magic that it will give to you, as well.  This is the only piece that I’ve ever seen like this and Deedee said this was only the second one that she has seen like this.  The piece itself is what’s called an Angelic Heart Anchor.  

Angelic Heart anchors can be made by pretty much anybody if what you are dealing with is a lower level.  When you are talking about higher-level angels then you obviously need a higher-level magician.  This is the first time we saw this guy at the Underground Auction and when we asked him where he got this piece he told us that he wasn’t able to give away his source.  Look, we totally get it, because some of our pieces are like that, too.  What we wanted to know is how he managed to find a magician strong enough to anchor 

Not only did the person that made this piece managed to anchor one of the strongest angels in history, but they managed to anchor all seven God’s inner circle.  This is not to say that you have gained full control over them.  That’s not what i mean and that’s not at all what this piece is about.  To say an angel is anchored to your heart means that you have unlimited access to the presence and the magic of that angel.  With an anchor to all seven of the Inner Archangels of God.  

Below is a list of the angels you will get.  There is a small ritual you must do when you get the piece at first in order to activate the piece the proper way.  Keep in mind, this is not just a simple scenario where these angels are feeding you magic.  These angels will actually appear to you one-by-one as you connect with them using this piece.  There is an initial bonding period of 21 days before the piece can begin working.  You will see the angels in their full angelic form as if they were appearing to God.  They bestow their magic upon you, but also the entirety of their divine knowledge.

Here is the list of angels to whom your heart will be anchored:  

Archangel Michael the Warrior:  He will keep you safe in any situation.  He will keep you safe from evil and darkness.  He will remove curses, hexes, blocks, and other negative forces from your life.   He will fight your battles on the spiritual front as well as the physical by helping you overcome your obstacles in life to get what you want out of it.

Archangel Raphael the Healer:  He will heal you in all ways.  He will heal you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and psychically.  He will heal your chakra system and allow for a full awakening of white light psychic power after opening your third eye.  You can also use his healing powers on others by using touch healing.  

Archangel Gabriel the Messenger:  He will give you messages from God.  These are messages about the universe, about white light magic, and revelations of the End Times.  These messages will come to you by the mouth of Gabriel himself, but also through dreams and visions.

Archangel Jophiel the Beautifier:  He will make you beautiful both inside and out.  He will allow you to appear as the most stunning person to your true love, whoever that might be.  If you haven’t found your true love yet, you will now.  Also, this angel will beautify your soul via spiritual baptism.  This will allow your soul to grow in power, giving you the ability to receive white light knowledge and magic from God.  

Archangel Ariel, Angel of Nature and Animals:  He gives you an attunement to nature.  This allows you to embrace nature, know its energies and create magic out of them.  This is very powerful magic because it is unlimited magic.  This angel also allows you to communicate with animals in telekinetic form and to heal them, as well.  It also allows you to control animals.  

Archangel Azrael, Angel of Death:  This angel does two things for you.  He will give you good health and longevity to allude to your calling to death for as long as possible.  I’m talking about Biblical ages.  It also lets you put death to the things about your life that you don’t like and gives rebirth to the things you’d rather have.  In other words, he allows you to work things into your life that were not there in place of thigs that were.

Archangel Chamual, Angel of Peaceful Relationships:  This piece brings peace and harmonious balance to your life via creating peaceful relationships with those around you.  This includes familial relationships, friendships, and relationships with lovers.  The magic of this angel has been known to fix relationships and marriages.  It has also been known to help people find their soulmates.