Angelic Overlapping

Angelic Overlapping

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This is a Hungarian-made piece.  It is small sterling silver pendant. It was created by a Hungarian sorcerer that Deedee has a connection with. The piece was made at a place called Angel's Peak. It is a mountain in Hungary where there exists what is known as a space-time slip. The best way to describe what space-time slip is to think of it as a busted seam. It is a place where two states of existence overlap.

In the case of Angel's Peak there is only a tiny slip. In fact, the mountain is only known as Angel's Peak by those that are familiar with the slip. It goes by this name because the slip brings together the union of Heaven and Earth. The slip as allowed people to pull through angels in their spiritual form. this isn't just a spiritual connection, but the actual ability to see the angels in their full spiritual form.

The Hungarian Sorcerer who made this piece did so with the energies of Angel's Peak. When you own this piece, your Third Eye will act as your own personal Angel's Peak. Your third eye will exist on both Earth and in Heaven. You will be able to see into the angelic realm with your third eye. You will be able to call upon any angel you want. They will appear to you in their full spiritual form. Some appear as mists or vapors, others appear as bright lights, others will appear as human souls.

In whatever form they come to you they will bring with them the white light magic that has been given to them by God. They will offer this magic to you, which they will give you via a genetic infusion. This means their powers will become a part of who you are. They will flow through you, just as they were given to the angels by God. You will be able to use these abilities whenever you want to.