Antares Djinn

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From time to time we are able to get pieces from the Cave of Treasures. For those of you who don't know what the Cave of Treasures is, you can simply google it and you'll find a whole bunch of stuff out about it. In short, the Cave of Treasures is a cave where Adam and Eve hid a collection of ancient artifacts that were given to them by God when they were booted out of the Garden of Eden. Apparently, God felt bad kicking them out into the ravenous wild without the means to defend themselves, so he gave them some magic to take with them.

This piece is NOT an original from the Cave of Treasures, we don't usually pass those on. We keep them in our own storage so they do not get ruined. Instead, these pieces hold the powers of an ancient relic that once helped a djinn in it. This djinn was given to Adam and Eve well before he ever gave a djinn to Solomon. It is a wishing djinn that God gave them so that way they could manifest their deepest desires.

With this piece, all you have to do is wear it. You don't even have to wish out loud. You simply have to wish in silent thoughtform. The djinn will be able to read your mind and know what you wished for. He will get to work granting your wish at once. The djinn's name is Antares and that's how you will address him in your thoughts.