Archetypal Activation

Archetypal Activation

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Every person is on Earth has some sort of mission or quest to complete.  That's the reason why we experience lifecycles.  If you don't complete your quest by the time your current lifecycle is up, then you begin again.  Your true purpose is hidden in a partitioned part of your mind that is taken with you from lifecycle to lifecycle and it is your life's task to figure out exactly what your purpose is, not just in that lifecycle, but in your existence, period.  I'll give you a hint-- these purposes are divine purposes, include secret forms of knowledge that you are to convey to the world, magic that you are meant to introduce, a phase of enlightenment that you are meant to deliver.  Things of that nature.  However, the human mind has become so dull that we are not realizing our true purpose.  It has slowed down the evolution of humankind as a whole consciousness.  

This piece holds archetypal energies that will react with your mind.  This energy will allow that isolated part of your mind to come to the forefront and you will be able to see all of your lifecycles and where you have been in your past.  Who knows who you could have been in a past life.  The options are endless, really.  Archetypes are certain images that act as stimuli that will elevate your mind, bringing you the knowledge of the collective consciousness.  This piece skips the symbology and goes right for a blast of energy from these symbols.  Your true purpose and the secrets you are harboring within your mind will be revealed to you.  You will be able to realize your divine destiny and become part of collective consciousness, through which you will be given unlimited knowledge and magic.  

This piece is a sterling ring with a genuine stone.  It can be worn on your finger or on a chain around your neck.