Asian Jade Pyramid

Asian Jade Pyramid

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If you want power, then this is the piece you've been looking for. It has been imbued with ancient magic that is probably unlike anything you've ever experienced. It holds the powers and magic of a place that isn't often spoken about. Honestly, it's because not many people know about its existence.  


Allow me to start with something that you are most likely familiar with. It's the crystal pyramid in Heaven. This place is where God stores all of his timeless knowledge, power, and magic. Now take that concept and apply it to the Jade Pyramid. The Jade Pyramid is where the Jade Emperor stows his magic and powers of enlightenment.  


Just as there are griffins that are used to guard the crystal pyramid, there are creatures that guard the Jade PYramid. They are called Foo Dogs. They are considered extremely lucky and they often bring wealth to those that summon them.  


Foo Dogs arent exactly dogs. Okay, they aren't dogs at all. Also known as Komainu, Foo Gods are metaphysical lions. They are commissioned to protect sacred places. The food dogs at the Jade Pyramid are special because they aren't just warriors and protectors of the Jade Pyramid. They have also been given the ability to shapeshift into human forms with the ability to travel to the Earth.  


As you can imagine, this piece holds the presence of a foo dog named Bai Gang. He has been protecting the Jade Pyramid for hundreds of years. He has been around the pyramid and its knowledge for hundreds of years. He has seen the magic and the power that has been placed in the pyramid for hundreds of years. His knowledge is unbelievable.  


What you are getting is a sterling silver foo dog necklace into which the presence of Bai Gang has been summoned. He grants you unlimited access to the Jade Pyramid. This pyramid is full of energy and magic that has been used by Asian sorcerers for thousands of years to create all sorts of magic.


Essentially, the magic in the Jade Pyramid will allow you to create whatever kind of powers and/or magical abilities you want. When meditating with the piece you will gain a connection to Bai Gang. Through this connection, you will be able to elevate your mind to see inside of the Jade Pyramid. There are powers and abilities there already if you simply want to collect. However, you can also create new powers and abilities by thinking them into existence. The pyramid will create them and they will be placed into your piece.  


This piece also brings you extreme protection, as you are receiving the spirit of a foo dog and a fierce warrior. It also brings excessively good luck and epic wealth. All you need to do to initiate the magic in this piece is wear it.