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if you are into vampires, then this piece is definitely for you. IT holds the presence of a vampire who calls himself Augustine. Augustine is an eternal being that has always existed and will always exist. he was brought to life in ancient Persia when a sorcerer used energies and elements from the cosmos to create the vampire.  


Augustine's original form was strictly spiritual. He is what is known as an energetic vampire and feeds on the energies of the Cosmos. All vampires do. It's just that sanguine vampires take blood to acquire the energy they require.


Augustine was bound to a stone on which an ancient inscription was written. This is his wake word. His creator used the wake word to summon his spiritual presence into the human realm. He would send the vampire out into different cosmic realities to score very powerful abilities for him. Time passed and this artifact was eventually hidden in a cave with a collection of other ancient artifacts.


In the early 1400s, the original inscription stone was found by a rogue graverobber who ransacked the cave that the inscription stone was hidden in. The graverobber didn't realize the importance of the power of the stone, so he ended up trading it to the Grek mystery school for some silver.


The stone fell into the hands of Empedocles IV, the Grand Enlightener of the Grecian school of Mystery. It was this alchemist who was able to crack the code written on the stone, which revealed the wake word to summon the vampire. He is the one that named the vampire Augustine and the name stuck.


During his stay at the Grecian School of Mystery, Augustine's spirit was transferred from the original inscription stone to a relic made by the Greeks. It was here the vampire learned the process of physical alchemy, being able to manifest himself into mortal forms. At first, he took the form of a Greek Mystery Schooler.  


Years later, he was emancipated from his servitude to the Grecian Mystery School and ventured out on his own. He served under different masters, most notably spending time in Asia and then also having been owned by Aleister Crowley. His form is now cyclic, meaning he takes a mortal container and remains synonymous with that body. When that body dies-- because most bodies do-- he creates a new body or himself. You might be wondering why he just doesn't give himself immortality. He is spirit form, so he cannot remain attached to one mortal vessel for too long.  


Each times Augustine molts from one body to his next, his powers are amplified and he becomes twice as powerful as he was before. You can think of him kind of like a cycling Phoenix that grows in its power to grant wealth each time it cycles. To date, Augustine has changed bodies hundreds of times, meaning his energies and magic have grown much more powerful.  


Augustine has been to places and has lived a life that has allowed him to travel the world and experience different types of powers and magic. From the magic of the Pyramids and the Sphinx to the ancient magic of the Orient Augustine has pretty much seen it all. This is all combined with the fact that he was born o cosmic energy, so he has a natural ability to manifest cosmic energies. He is a master sorcerer, a master conjurer, he knows alchemy, Kabbalah magic, Hermetic magic, sacred geometry, sacred numerology, and h travel on the astral plane. He can grant wealth, change destiny, and manifest desires. There isn't much that this vampire cannot do.  


I'm sure that the question will arise that if he is in mortal form does he need to take blood. The answer is no. While he is not in the mortal form he derives his energy from the sun and from the Cosmos, which both radiate abundantly into our atmosphere. The piece you are getting is an antique. It was hand-picked by Augustine because of its resplendent beauty. We believe that it is real gold and we know for a fact that the piece was made with pearls and amethyst.


This piece is incredibly powerful and it houses an incredibly powerful being. If you are into vampires, or even if you are not, you do not want to miss your chance to own this piece. It's a once-in-a-lifetime find.