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WAS 10,000.00 7-7-09 This item is so interesting and extremely powerful for what it does. The item supposedly comes from the leg bone of a walking on earth demon. This means a demon in the flesh or as the hunter called it a mirror demon.

My entire group has come into contact with these but never knew the name of them. When people ask me what kind of investigations do you do I always say occult investigations. I say this because we really don't know what to call them. We normally do not do your normal hauntings or homes. We are searching for those things that are way out there or beyond the normal scope of the paranormal.

For the last two years we have come into contact with this beings that most would consider to be shape shifters when in reality they are not. They only go from human form to that of a darkness or a shadow and they can slither over you. I know because it has happened to me.? This happened to me this past week. Not that it has not happened before but I did not know what was going on. I figured we had stumbled on something unknown. In reality we did not we just never knew what it was called. The same thing with the CIN. It was not my religion so I just didn't know. I was ignorant of what I was even looking at. We all must become educated in everything or at least what we are buying,looking at or getting into. This is where most of my time goes,into research. In fact I had to hire someone to help with it.

The item that your looking at would have had the face of an angel but instead it is the face of a demon to remind the man of what is actually out there.

This is carved from the demons leg and it was done when he was in human form. There is a special way to accomplish this when they are in human flesh form. I do not know what this is and I will be learning it very soon. I will not be revealing it for various reasons. One is because many do not know what they are doing and some are unstable so you may feel omg this person is a demon in the flesh and try to kill someone,not good. This lands you in prison and possibly the demon accomplishing what it was sent to do anyway.

There is a special group of people that do this and they do know what they are doing.

This is the only item you will need.

Once they accomplish this they take the form back to before the fall. This gives the bone the power of the angelic realm but also all the power the demon used while here. This is almost unmatched. This is purity because it goes back to when they were pure. The item is so powerful because it combines that angelic power with the human structure and the image of God which means all that he is and all that you can be. in other words,full and filled power.

You wear this and breathe it in. This is a total and complete change but the change is power and the power is to do anything.

This item is for someone who is selfless,wants to change the world,wants to see good stuff and light.

Every single particle of this holds the angelic blood inside of it. This is real demon/angel bone.

You need to use it wisely.

This is the only item you will need.