Bacchus had the Biggest and So Can You!!-- pics coming tomorrow

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Sorry ladies, this one is for the fellas.  Look fellas, it's not always the size of the boat.  It's the motion of the ocean if you catch my drift.  However, if you are working with something the size of a bathtub toy, then maybe that expression could go out the window altogether.  If the package you are delivering is tiny and fragile, maybe it's time for you to upgrade to first class.  That's what this piece will do for you.  It will help you grow your "little man" into something worth talking about.  Not only will you experience penile growth, but you will also experience a jump in sex drive and the ability to increase your sexual stamina while delivering mind-blowing orgasms!!  

This piece was made by summoning the essence of Bacchus, who was so much of a sex god he had orgies named after him.  Be bold.  Be like Bacchus!  This is the piece for you, my lad!