Baptism By Fire

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This piece holds the essence of the Holy Flame. This is also known as the Fire of the Holy Ghost. They are one and the same. It refers to the Holy Fire that has the ability to purify things and to provide a baptism by fire. This is the kind of baptism that Jesus received when he was baptized in the Sea of Galilee by John the Baptized. The white dove that descended upon him was the Holy Ghost and he was sent to give Jesus a baptism of Holy Fire. This gave Jesus, in his mortal form, the ability to have God's powers on Earth.

As stated above, this piece holds the essence of the Holy Flame. When you move this piece around in the light you can see it dance around in there. When you wear the piece, you receive the Baptism by Fire of the Holy Ghost. This will give you God's ability on Earth. This includes not only the ability to hold authority over all creatures and beings, but also to create, cast, and grant miracles.