Barachiel, God's Angel of Benediction
Barachiel, God's Angel of Benediction

Barachiel, God's Angel of Benediction

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This piece comes from the collection of a French Collector.  I honestly don't know his name, but when we got this piece from the underground auction the person that we got it from told us.  The Frenchman actually delights in collecting all things paranormal and metaphysical.  I'm not sure why he decided that it was time to let this one go, but as the saying goes, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  

This piece was made by the fusion of two different energies and forms of magic.  The first magic that went into the making of this piece was the energy and presence of the Star of Bethlehem.  This is the start the guided the magi to Jesus upon his birth.  The second form of magic that has gone into this piece is the presence of the archangel Barachiel.  Barachile carries the Benediction of the Lord and pours it out on the people that deserve it the most.  

As such, this piece will act as a beacon of hope for those who use its power.  First, the piece will identify your divine destiny.  As the north star led the magi, this piece will lead you on the divine path that God has chosen for you.  It will keep you safe and will not allow any negative or evil forces to sway you are encroach upon you.  Second, this piece calls upon Barachiel to pour out God's benediction upon your head.  You may summon this angel for any blessing that you want for your life.  Wealth?  He got you.  Finding Love?  Why not?!  White light protection for your home?  Yup, he does that, too.  Any blessing that you find yourself needing, Barachiel can come in clutch!  

The piece you are getting is a sterling silver pendant on a cord.