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Sterling silver with real good quality Emeralds.

Imagine wearing a piece that is imbued with power to drive financial opportunities to you. Is it possible? Yes. If you've read of historical emblems charged with power intent like Aaron's vest or Solomon's Pentacle, you'll understand the principles behind the wealth manifestation belt ring.

The wealth belt ring is a signature piece with crowned emeralds with a highly polished buckle band. This model is sported by many A-listers of Hollywood and by itself exudes power and authority. But there’s more. This special  piecet is energized with a ritual spell and psionic programming that attracts financial opportunities to you by drawing people, who know people, who know people. 

Vibrations from the programming also increase your “luck quotient” to make snappy decisions for your best monetary interest. Don your belt ring when going for a job interview or board meeting. Wear it when playing cards. You’ll really kick some metaphysical ass!

The piece comes with an orgone generator to ensure that its fields continually get replenished. Please be cautious not to lose any stones, as they access the generator- it works for your belt ring through the principle of structural links.