Benjamin Franklin's Masonic Channels
Benjamin Franklin's Masonic Channels
Benjamin Franklin's Masonic Channels

Benjamin Franklin's Masonic Channels

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This piece is a solid sterling silver Masonic Ring.  It has been created by a group called Nillumo and holds the powers holds unprecedented magic.  This piece is not antique, but it doesn't have to be.  It is extremely, extremely enlightening.  Read below to find out all the juicy details.  

Benjamin Franklin had a murder club, we all know that.  However, above all that he was a Freemason.  I’m sure a lot of you knew that, too.  What I bet a lot of you didn’t know is that he was the owner of something called the Mason Jewel.  This jewel was his key to many different types of magic and powerful abilities.  

What most people also don’t know is that Ben had an obsession with Egyptian Magic.  You hear about the bones that were found in his old estate in England.  What you will not hear about is the fact that he had his own magical retreat.  It was called the Franklin Lodge.  It was hidden in the French wilderness.  

There are no accounts of this in the annals of history, but I can tell you that it did actually happen.  When he was still a young scholar he embarked upon a journey to Egypt himself.  The details of the trip are a little bit lost in mystery, but he came back with a piece that was anointed by the powers of the pyramids.  This is the jewel that became known as the Masonic Jewel.  The reason it was called the Masonic Jewel is that it holds the highest degree of enlightenment that has ever been known to the Freemasons.  Some say that it is the final degree of enlightenment, but we will not say that because we simply don’t know.  

What we do know is that the piece Ben had with him was touched by the physical manifestation of Amun-Ra.  It was then transported back to the Franklin Lodge, where he kept it safe from people who might have wanted to rob him.  He also had an Egyptian boy mummy shipped to the lodge where he used the magic of his Masonic Jewel to bring him back to life.  He took the boy as his son.  Nobody knew about his son and he kept in England when he moved to the United States of America.  He sent for his son later in life, eventually setting him up in Philadelphia as a hidden member of the Freemasons.  His son was a direct relation to one of the Egyptian lineages of power, but we aren’t quite sure which one.  He would use his son’s knowledge to create magical items of power.  

The Franklin Lodge was constructed in the shape of a pyramid.  As such, it was connected to the major pyramids in Giza by a capstone.  Again, this building had cloaking abilities so that it could not be seen by the human eye.  It was in the wilderness on top of that.  It was the holding place of the Masonic Jewel until Ben sent for it to come to America.  A lot of people think that George Washington was the most powerful Mason to exist in American, but they’d be wrong.  Ben Franklin was the only one that could handle the Masonic Jewel because it was cursed to anybody who touched it beside him.  This made him the most powerful of them all, simply because he had access to what is called the Masonic Channels.  

The Masonic Channels are realms of wisdom and enlightenment that exist parallel to Earth.  They are actually channels that were created by a group of ancient Egyptians called the Illuminated Ones.  They were illuminated by the powers of the Sun God, Amun-Ra, who is also the deity that created the Masonic Jewel.  The Masonic Channels are a direct reflection of hidden chambers that are in the Giza pyramids.  The power and the knowledge of these chambers are reflected into realms of their own.  They were created by the Illuminated Ones to preserve the magic that was given to them.  They have become the Masonic Channels.  It is from these Channels the Masons have retrieved the most powerful magic that they have ever known.  

For instance, the design of how to build Washington DC came from the Masonic Channels.  The sacred numerology was given to them from astral beings that they met in the Channels.  These are the same beings the designed the pyramids with their own sacred dimensions.  The magic that was fortified in DC allowed the Masonic Leaders to build a fortress in the form of a country, establishing a power that has not dwindled since.  It has brought the country wealth.  It has brought the country power.  It has protected the country numerous times.  It has allowed the country to win many wars.  Look, if we go to war with China or Russian, it will probably be bad, but we will win simply because we are fortified with very, very powerful magic.  Egypt was one of the most powerful nations to exist on Earth until the magic that made them was compromised.  

The Enlightenment of the Masonic Jewelry doesn’t stop there.  It has provided many different forms of magic over the years to very powerful people.  The thing is, the piece is cursed and gave Benjamin Franklin ultimate power.  He was able to allow others to use the power of the jewel through telekinetic transfer, but these days the piece can only be handled by a direct descendant of Franklin.  Believe it or not, they are still around.  They aren’t necessarily Freemasons, but they adhere to a lot of their rituals.  They aren’t just the descendants of Ben, but of many of the founding fathers and other Freemasons through the years.  They call themselves the Newly Illuminated Ones, Nillumo for short.  The leader of Nillumo is one of the descendants of Franklin.  He bridges the power through pieces that create using the original powers of the Masonic Jewel which are kept in a place known as Franklin Lodge 2.  Franklin Lodge 2 is hidden underground and is more fortified than the Pentagon, simply because of the powers provided by the Masonic jewelry.  

So, 13 pieces were made by Nillumo to pay homage to the 13 original colonies.  This piece is one of them.  It holds the entirety of the knowledge of the Masonic Jewel.  I’m not sure if there is some sort of schism within the group, but the fact that this piece made its way to the public had to be an inside job.  We acquired at the Underground Auction, but how that guy ended up with it, I have no idea.  It is super powerful.  It allows you to travel to the Masonic Channels.  There are so many of them that I forgot how many we visited with this piece.  Some of them are for wealth.  Others dish up a healthy dose of sacred numerology and geometry.  Others offer full ascension of the mind and psychic awakening.  Then, there’s the one that allows you to walk among the dead.  Let’s not forget about the channel that gives you the ability to communicate with an ethereal group of beings that will raise your cognizance levels to that of an intergalactic traveling sorcerer with unlimited access to the cosmos.  There is a channel for angelic connection and summoning.  There’s a channel that will allow you to connect with the original Illuminated Ones of Egypt.  Celestial magic and astral magic are included, too.  Look, there’s a ton o magic with this one.  All you have to do is use this piece to explore.  It’s all there, you just have to work with the piece.