Boden, Make It So!  An Original Blackforest Warlock
Boden, Make It So!  An Original Blackforest Warlock

Boden, Make It So! An Original Blackforest Warlock

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The piece you are looking at is a sorcery ring that once belonged to a German sorcerer named Boden. Boden was a very powerful warlock for centuries upon centuries. He was born into the very powerful Blackforest Coven who uses the magic that is found creeping amongst the trees of one of the thickest and densest forests on Earth. Unfortunately, Boden was tracked down by a witch hunter and killed. Yes, there are still witch hunters. Well, actually, in this case, it was more of a bounty hunter than an actual witch hunter. He hunts all kinds of entities and creatures for a fee. He killed Boden, intending to steal his soul, imprison it and release it to those who had hired him. However, Boden was able to escape and now the bounty hunter or those who wanted his soul in the first place have no idea what happened to him. They think he is simply dead, so you will never have to worry about dealing with them.

Boden came to Deedee in a vision and showed her his story. She then astral traveled to Germany where she found his soul attached to this ring. When you use this ring, you will be able to cast your own dual magic spells, just as Boden did in his physical life. All you have to do in order to do this is sit by the light of a candle and write down the spell that you want to cast. You will then call out, 'Boden, make it so," three times. Consider the spell cast.  I didn't say this before, but you must be wearing this piece while writing your spell, either on your finger or on a chain that you provide.