Bohemian Grove Election Year Special.  You Want This Piece!!
Bohemian Grove Election Year Special.  You Want This Piece!!
Bohemian Grove Election Year Special.  You Want This Piece!!
Bohemian Grove Election Year Special.  You Want This Piece!!

Bohemian Grove Election Year Special. You Want This Piece!!

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We haven't had a really good Bohemian Grove piece for a while, so here it goes. This piece was made during their 2019 Convergence. It seemed like there was a lot of magic in the air that year for some reason or another. Either way, a bunch of the mucky-mucks went that year, which is unsurprisingly the same year that they tried to impeach Trump and failed miserably. It should also come as no surprise that the whole convergence, even people like the Cheneys and the Bushes were there in an attempt to get rid of this guy. Donald's never been invited to these kinds of things. They don't like him. He thinks they are beneath him anyway. He doesn't really need their money, he has plenty of his own.

Amidst the blood rituals and ballyhoo that went on that year at the Bohemian Grove, this piece was made. I mean, you've gotta hand it to them. They are great magicians. They almost have to be when you can't get things done the natural way. This piece was made during some of the same rituals that they do every year, except this year they called upon Moloch to grant some other things besides wealth. These things had to do with power and control. These things had to do with wild success and the ability to read other people's minds.

In fact, there are five major types of magic that this piece brings to the person who wears it. Look, they have an election to win, so they needed all the help they could get. Keep in mind that if they do, in fact, lose the election this does not mean that the powers in this piece are not potent. It simply means that God's powers are more potent and it was the divine plan to give Trump the presidency in the first place. Can I get an Amen!

Okay, so this piece is called Five Emanations of Moloch. It holds five different emanations of Moloch. Each one is held in a different stone on this ring. These are five forms that he takes through which he grants different types of magic. Each of these five forms of magic is the most powerful magic that Moloch has to offer. This piece is incredibly powerful, top0notch magic. Here are the five emanations of Moloch.

Moloch the Giver of Wealth: This is self-explanatory and gives you great wealth, in line with the other Bohemian Grove pieces that we have offered throughout the years.

Moloch the Giver of Power: This is not a magical power, but it is an influential power. This piece grants psychic ability and the ability to be able to control the minds of other people. This will increase your likability, your popularity, and could ultimately lead to fame. Subsequently, it also has the ability to get people to do what you want them to do.

Moloch the Giver of Destiny: This allows you to call out to Moloch and tell him the things that you want to be manifested into your life. This allows you to curate the life that you will live, what you experience, and how you will experience.

Moloch the Destroyer of Obstacles: Also self-explanatory, but this piece destroys the obstacles that are in your path. It will help you to achieve success in all that you do, whether that is opening up a business, or, you know, winning an election.

Moloch of Harmonious Balance: Despite the fact that some of these mucky-mucks have big pharma in their back pocket, they know better than to actually use their medication. It's poisonous and addictive, but hey, however they can make a buck. Look, this energy is better than Paxil, okay. This energy employs the powers of the universe to allow you to exist as one with it. This will allow you to manifest peace, balance, harmony, energy, stamina, vitality, virility, femininity, inner and outer beauty, or anything else that will make you happy. They weren't going to ask for this, but they figured that with all the Satanic "malarky" they've been dealing with lately, they might need a little something to take the edge off if God decides it isn't their time to shine.

Clearly, this is not the only copy of this piece that wa made, but it is the one we have. This piece is incredibly powerful and fit for a king-- or a crooked American politician. Take your pick. Seriously, though, this magic is not innately bad in and of itself, it depends on how you use it! It is powerful and we know this because we have tested it.