Calypso's Tell-Tale Heart

Calypso's Tell-Tale Heart

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The piece you are getting is a sterling silver heart pendant..

This piece has been made with energies from Calypso's own heart.  After entertaining Odysseus for 7 years she was not able to overcome his longing to return home.  She did everything that she could possibly think of, even offering him immortality.  Yet, she just couldn't overcome his innermost desire.  

This piece will allow you to know a person's true heart.  This will help in your quest to find the perfect soulmate.  When wearing this piece you will be given a discernment that will tell you if the other person's heart is in the right place, or not.  Do they really love you or are they with you merely for convenience?  Or, perhaps money?  

When worn during a relationship this piece will allow you to "break down the walls" of your lover's heart.  It will allow you to know your lover on a subliminal happy, to know what truly makes them happy, and to be able to fulfill those needs.  This way, you won't lose the person you truly love on an account of something else they are longing for, but not getting.