Casting of Lots, Illuminati Blood Wealth-- Pic Coming Soon!!

Casting of Lots, Illuminati Blood Wealth-- Pic Coming Soon!!

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The picture for this piece will be coming soon!!

Part of being a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world is that you must make sacrifices in order to maintain your wealth and powerful status. This is something that these families do not mind doing because for them money is the world. Money and power is everything. While that is sad, there are some people on the bottom who could really benefit from just a smidgeon of the magic that these wealthy and powerful people thrive on.

First things first, this ritual was given to the found father of the Medici clan whose name was Cosimo De Medici. This guy was one that used to dabble in all sorts of sorcery and magic. He is th one that established a connection with an unknown life force. Some people think this might have been a demon and others say it was a djinn. We honestly do not know because it just really was never known what type of spirit he came across. However, the spirit has been part of the family ever since, after offering them a simple blood ritual procedure to secure their familial wealth.

These days, the Medici lineage has grown to include several big-wig names. These are mostly the names of the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. The blood ritual is simple. Every 13th year, 13 names are chosen at random to represent the bloodline. Those 13 meet and from there they cast lots. One of them is chosen and slaughtered. The other 12 drink the blood of their family member that was just sacrificed. From within these 12 members of the bloodline, wealth and power radiate to the rest of the bloodline. Their wealth is restored for another 13 years and the 13 bloodlines get to continue to rule the world.

The piece that we are offering has been made during one of the Casting of Lots ritual is done by one of the members who was voted in. The energy of the blood-drinking and revitalization of the bloodline has been placed into this piece. When you wear it, your blood will be revitalized with the wealth-grabbing and power-wielding blood of the Illuminati's 13 Lines. You will then begin your journey towards success and immeasurable wealth. This also includes power and control over other people, with the ability to make them bend into submission of your will.