Cave of Answers
Cave of Answers
Cave of Answers
Cave of Answers

Cave of Answers

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Real sterling and beautiful, genuine amethyst

This piece contains a magic that allows you experience what is called the Cave of Answers. The Cave of Answers is a place that was visited in ancient times by a few chosen members of the Viking elite. They were chosen as supernatural ambassadors that would become all-powerful beings, intiated into the eternal ranks of the divine.  


The Cave of Answers is in a hidden place that very few people know about to this day. Those who do know about it don't tell where it is, because it is one thing to mess up and suffer for a lifetime. It is another thing entirely to mess up and draw the ire of dozens of angry viking spirits. I wouldn't recommend it. This piece will not disclose the location of the Cave of Answers to you, anyway. It will only show you what's inside-- and that's the important part.  


I used this piece to travel to the Cave of Answers myself. My experience is as such. When I first arrived I saw all these strange markings on the wall. There letters and symbology and while I didn't know exactly what they meant, I could psychically pick up on the fact that they were many different types of lifeforms. These lifeforms were ones that came from Earth, but also ones that did not. I'm assuming they were either alien lifeforms that visited Earth a really long time ago or perhaps other lifeforms such as Lemurians or Atlanteans.  


When I traveled to the cave there was some sort of timelapse and when I showed up there were Viking leaders in the midst of some sort of ritual. They were dressed in robes and their signature helmets, but some of them were dressed in animal pelts as well a they did some strange sort of dance around a fire that was in the middle of the cave. The Vikings had clay balls that they pulled from out of their robes. They tossed the clay balls into the fired and the clay balls floated to the top of the flame, rather than coming back down to earth as gravity would have dictated.  


As I watched, these clay orb began to take the form of tiny little planets that orbited the first as if it were the sun. At this points the viking leaders were able to see into the entirety of the universe. I watches as they received the secret knowledge of runes and other Germanic magic. The Viking runes and gliffs are condenses versions of alien energy and magic, which is why they are so powerul and work so immediately.  


I continued observing and as the planets spun a very large face began to take form within their orbit. I heard the vikings conversing with one another, one man telling the others that he had summoned the soul of the universe. You might be confused, but yes-- out universe also has a soul. All living things have a soul. Our universe is a system of living things, so it, too, has a soul. This soul manifested in the form of a human face, because the vikings were human and this form resonated with them. However, the universal soul, as it has been called, can literally manifest into anything it wants to be.  


Here's where things get powerful! The Soul of the Univers will answer any question that the person conjuring it has. It doesn't just answer with words, but it shows the answers you are looking for. It doesn't matter what you are looking for. There is nothing to large or too small. If you ask to see it, it will show you. The universal soul also has the ability to speak things into existence. For example, during my experience at the Cave of Answers, the Vikings as it for victory in battle that I'm going to go ahead an assume that they received.  


After my intitial visit to the Cave of Answers with this trip, I went back specifically to use the presence of the universal soul. I asked to go back to the beginning of everything. It was darkness and void, but you could feel the life energy rushing through. It was like existing in a wind tunnel, because everything that has ever come to light was there. In this form I couldn't necessarily see anything, but I could feel the history of the universe. The energies of time as they have played out since the beginning were given to me very quickly in such a way that I was immediately connected to the universe. I was immediately a part of everything that had every happened in our universe.  


From the time the Sumerians were visited by the Annunaki, to the time that King Solomon was given 100 djinn to guard the temple. I practiced medittion and spiritual balance with the vedic maters where I was able to spiritually become the 32 manifestations of Ganesha. i am able to carry that spiritul experience and knowledge with me. {\p\I was opened up and I was able to experiene my own past lifecycles which, for me, dated back to Phoenician time when I was first a Magi.

 This piece will work however you want it to work for you. It is the Cave of Answers. Once you have experienced the Cave you will want to go back as often as possible. just remember, the cave is powerful, but this is your reality the Cave is meant to supplmenet!