Circle of 11 White Light Beings

Circle of 11 White Light Beings

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This piece is very powerful because it holds the presence of 11 white light beings. We know because we have been able to identify them. What isn’t known is their names, their powers, where they come from, etc. In fact, this is more of a DIY piece. We know the entities are in there because we have psychically connected with them. You will need to do the sam and then connect with each one individual in order to gain more information from them, their powers, their names, etc. The types of entities in this piece are as follows 



One white light Heaven Hound


One white light Griffin


One light elf


One Avalonian fairy


One Treasure Dwarf 


One White Light Phoenix


One Angel


One White Light Energetic Vampire


One White Light Sphinx


One Nephilim 


One white light Heaven Djinn