Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

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This piece is a size 7.5, sterling silver ring. 


This piece creates “Jacob’s Ladder” within your mind. If you aren’t familiar with the story of Jacob’s ladder, a quick internet search will bring it up for you. Basically, a vision was given to Jacob of a ladder that began on Earth and ascended into Heaven. Angels ascended and descended the ladder. There were twelve steps on the ladder, signifying 12 steps of human evolution that are needed to be able to ascend into Heaven.  



That is what this piece gives to you. It gives you the energy of Jacob’s Ladder and allows you to evolve your mind in order to ascend into Heaven in your astral form. Once you are there you can do and experience the multitudes of power and magic that are there. This piece is the beginning. It’s where you will start.