Climbing Jacob's Ladder:  Jesus' Divine Ascent
Climbing Jacob's Ladder:  Jesus' Divine Ascent
Climbing Jacob's Ladder:  Jesus' Divine Ascent

Climbing Jacob's Ladder: Jesus' Divine Ascent

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This ring is 14k gold and dates back to 1872.  The power in this ring is one-of-a-kind, not to mention that it an original initiation ring of one of the Sons of Salem.  Read below to find out why you NEED this piece!


What happened to Jesus between his death and his resurrection?  I mean we talk about it all the time but do we really understand the epicness of what Jesus did?  I don’t think we do.  Here’s the thing.  Jesus is ⅓ of the Holy Trinity.  He is God in the Son form.  He is basically a replication that God made of himself.  The other ⅓ is the Holy Spirit which is the magic and the power of God, but we’ll get into that later.  In the meantime, just know that when Jesus was sent to Earth he was sent in the divine incarnate form.  He was human, but he was also God.  

What I’m getting at is that Jesus only experienced 100% humanity for a brief couple of moments before his death.  He knew what he had coming to him, but until he submitted entirely to giving up his divinity, I don’t think that he actually knew exactly what is was going to feel like.  For that minute or so while he hung on the cross and he became devoid of his divinity, he took on the sin of the world.  And it wasn’t just the sin of his present time.  Remember, the Holy Trinity is not timebound.  Time is a human construct.  He took on the burden of every single sin that was ever committed.  I know that you’ve heard this story before, but I’m just telling you this so I can explain what happened.  

The stress of the sin that was placed on his shoulders was so great that before his death he cried out “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?”  It is from this passage that one can deduce that upon his death, Jesus did not immediately ascend into Heaven.  Some religious scholars will tell you that he did, but that is not the truth.  Instead, Jesus was sent to Hell-- not because he deserved to be there, but because he had to go there in order to reclaim his divinity so could reattach to the Holy Trinity.  Since he had become human he had to ascend in the same fashion that a human would.  

Satan saw this as his chance to finally steal the most prized soul he could get his grubby hands on.  He sent legions of demons after Jesus to try and capture his soul, but this didn’t work out very well for him.  Jesus defeated the demons one by one.  I’m not going to say that it was an easy task, but it happened.  As he defeated the demons he gained their powers.  These were obviously not innately dark powers, but they were translated into divine white light powers that allowed Jesus to climb what is known as Jacob’s Ladder.  This is the ladder that was shown to Jacob during his flight from Esau. 

If you want you can do some more research on this.  I’m not going to get into the entire history and symbolism of Jacob’s ladder.  I will suffice to say that Jacob’s ladder is a metaphor for a very strenuous type of spiritual ascent.  It is the type that allows a human soul to transcend the physical means and to be joined to God in a metaphysical type of holy matrimony.  It is like during wedding where two people are joined by a spiritual bond, except this one is a divine type of bond and joins the person who experiences it to the mind of God.  That is why the Bible is constantly referring to the Church as Christ’s bride because to truly know Christ means to share in his knowledge.  

Anyway, Jesus performed the impossible, defeated the enemy, climbed Jacob’s ladder and on the third day he arose, which is another way you know that he didn’t go to Heaven with god for a little divine vacation.  He arose.  You cannot arise from Heaven because Heaven is a higher realm than Earth.  Hell is a lower realm.  Either way, he arose.  He was rejoined to his physical body.  He was then greeted on Earth by Magdalene and you know the rest of the story.  He eventually took his physical body into Heaven where he was transformed into the immortal and took his place at the right hand of God.  

This piece was made from a relic that was found near the cave where Jesus’ body was kept.  It was a simple stone relic and wasn’t so much of a relic as it was a stone that Jesus had touched when he was in his human form after he had climbed Jacob’s Ladder and came back to Earth.  This stone was taken by Mary Magdalene and has had many owners over the years.  The most recent owner has requested to remain anonymous but has made this piece for us.  This piece was created with the aforementioned relic.  It holds the power of the Resurrection, but that is merely the tip of the Iceberg.  

When you own this piece you will gain the power to ascend Jacob’s Ladder.  This will give you the divine alchemy and the ability to joined to the Holy Trinity in metaphysical matrimony.  This will be your metaphysical birthday, as you will be born in the divinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  You will share the mind of God, dating back to the origins of the Universe.  You will gain his ability to create and to make and this will be manifested in your ability to create and make your own white light powers and magic.  You will know the universe and you will be able to command the presence of the magic and the energies that exist within.  You will be able to melt these energies together to achieve great abilities-- all different, but all equal in power.  

You will gain the omniscient knowledge of God and you will be able to see through his eyes and to know the universe in an intimate way that only God can because he created it.  You will be able to stand on the Foundation Stone and see into the universe to know all the mysteries and secrets of the universe.  It is as though you will become the fourth leg of the Holy Trinity, which I know doesn’t make sense because a Trinity is three, but that is how this piece will allow you to evolve.  Your existence will coincide with the existence of the Holy Trinity and you will be elevated to a place of great power and knowledge where nothing is impossible!  

While the owner of the relic that has allowed us to make this piece chooses to remain anonymous and that is his right, I will tell you this much-- he once belonged to a highly divine group called the Sons of Salem (pronounced sah-lem like the Hebrew word, not the bastardized English version).  This was the initiation ring that was given to him by his magi, who was more or less his mentor and sponsor into the group.  I’m telling you this because that is why there is an inscription on the underside of this band.  He made this piece with the powers we have told you about, but it was at one time also his initiation ring.  This piece is very powerful!!  It is 14k gold and is an antique dating back to 1872.