Consolamentum:  The Pure-Blooded Ones
Consolamentum:  The Pure-Blooded Ones

Consolamentum: The Pure-Blooded Ones

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The piece you are getting is antique and sterling silver.  It is a beautifully made piece.


What we are about to offer you is a one-of-a-kind piece. I say this not in regards to the piece itself, but rather the powers that have been put into the piece. These are ancient powers that have kind of gone by the wayside after the people who created them were persecuted by the Catholic Church for their beliefs. They were literally snatched out of their homes for believing a certain way and burned at the stake for the secrets that they knew. I'm talking about a group of Gnostic Christians that held the bloodline of Christ, not for the reasons that some of them believe. However, they did hold the bloodline of Christ.

To really understand what is going on here, you have to understand that Jesus had a very special relationship with Mary Magdalene. I'm not saying that they were or were not sexual. I personally believe that Jesus was the perfect human being, but that's just my opinion. I wasn't there, but I'm not going to say something heretical. This is where the lines get blurry. Some Cathars say that Jesus and Mary had children together and that these children passed on the bloodline. The thing is, that Christ could not have been perfect, nor would his bloodline be capable of achieving perfection if had married and had sex.

Rather, if you remember correctly Mary Magdalene was the first person to receive Jesus after he rose from the dead. For this, he imparted upon her a special gift. This was not imparted sexually or perversely. It was imparted upon her through a white light blood alchemy miracle that happened when Jesus encountered Mary alone. It was a transfer of his holy and divine bloodline to hers. It was more of an absorption of his blood by her blood and then a total transformation of blood types. Jesus could turn water into wine. He could certainly change blood types. He is God incarnate.

Long story short, Mary Magdalene escapes to what would eventually become France. When she does, she eventually has children. There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not these children were also immaculately conceived. We really don't know the answer to that. All we know is that she had children. Since the bloodline of Christ was alive in Mary Magdalene and she is the one that bore those children, they also naturally had the bloodline of Christ. That much is simple genetics.

Fast-forward hundreds of years forward. The children that Mary Magdalene bore had their own children. Those children had children. You know how the cycle goes. By the rise of the 12th Century, we see the rise of a group of people called the Cathars. Cathar comes from the Greek word Katharoi, meaning pure ones. The Cathars, AKA the Cathari, believe many things, but among the things they believe is that they hold the bloodline of Jesus Christ. They aren't wrong in suggesting that, but the fact is that it cannot be known how pure their bloodline is. If Mary Magdalene really was impregnated via immaculate conception, it would be a pure bloodline. If she was impregnated by a mortal, then the bloodline would be compromised.

This reason and this reason alone is why the Cathars underwent a systemic change to their existence. This process was a ritual called Consolamentum. The Consolamentum was a process by which a Cathar was baptized in the fire of the Holy Spirit. This baptism was accompanied by the reception of all spiritual gifts including absolution from sin, spiritual regeneration, the power to preach and elevation to a higher plane of perfection. It was a ritual blood cleansing that reset the blood of the Cathars to 100% Christ blood if it wasn't already.

Of course, the story of the Cathars was never that popular in ancient times. This is because the Catholics shut them down as heretics immediately via the Spanish Inquisition. A lot of Cathars were burned at the stake or killed in other gruesome ways, simply for existing. The bottom line was the Catholic Church could not have this group claiming to be the rightful heirs of Jesus' power. This would diminish the rule of the Catholics and reduce the power that they held over religious adherents across the globe. Instead, they just murdered them. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's a sin too, but whatever.

About a year or so ago Deedee brought back this little Jewelry box. It isn't for sale. It is an antique and the outside of it was painted, angels. It had one of those little crank things on the bottom where one can turn it and music plays. For months I listened to the music play and nothing happened. Then one night out of the blue, I was listening to the music. It put me into a trance-like state. the skies opened up and I was able to see into Heaven. I was approached by one angel with eyes on its wings. It was an angel I had never experience before. He didn't speak any words at all, except for this-- "Restore the Pure Ones."

As if this wasn't enough that same angel also puzzled me further by offering me this piece. Look, sometimes these psychic things are very mystical. They just kind of happen. I personally think I was chosen for this revelation simply because of my connection to Heaven, but I couldn't even accurately identify the angel. He looked almost regal in his countenance. It was Michael or any of the normal archangels. I would have been able to identify them. The only thing that I can think of is that it was an angel placed in Heaven to look over the people on Earth that have Christ's bloodline.

Of course, the people who are on Earth and have it don't even know they have it. Then again, this piece is capable of working for somebody who has never seen a drop of Christ's blood in their life. It's just a really mysterious, highly divine, highly potent piece. We have used this piece on a few other people who have gone on to become extremely powerful beings. That's why we said in the beginning that this piece is one-of-a-kind. This piece is sterling and antique. We are honestly not sure who made this piece simply because of the amount of mystery that surrounds its existence. We believe that it was made by a Cathar that was somehow made aware of the fact that he held the Christ bloodline, but we aren't entirely sure.

Finally, we get to the part that you've all been waiting for. What does this piece do for you? This piece initializes the Consulamentum ritual within your body. I'm not saying that this process is going to happen overnight or even in 14 days. This piece requires diligence, but with diligence comes great power. This piece will purify your blood with the baptism of fire of the Holy Spirit. You will become one of the "Pure Ones." You will become the true holder of Christ's own bloodline. You will become the carrier of the Holy Grail. If you are having trouble realizing what this means for you exactly, allow me to break it down for you.

Jesus is 1/3 of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is the one true God. They control everything in the universe because they created it. They control magic. They control energy. They control different astral planes and realms. They hold all knowledge. They are in all places at once. They are sentient, powerful beings who can create and destroy. They can birth and they can banish. They hold full control in the palm of their hands. They are the master of the Cosmic Flow. They are the holders of celestial energy and magic. The powers of the gods and goddesses written in history pale in comparison.

They are the ultimate divine presence and power. That is what you are getting when you get this piece and when you are able to experience the Consolamentum. It is a perfection to break free from the mortal experience that you've been living in and to achieve a divine godhood through which anything you desire is at your fingertips. Enlightenment, awakening, transcendence are all aspects of what you will be receiving, as you are metamorphosed from your weak self into a divine being of unlimited greatness.   You will become as the Holy Trinity is.  You will gain all of their abilities over time.

This piece is not as powerful as one of our transformations, but on the other hand, you don't want to take it lightly, either. For the price, you really cannot beat this piece. I've said it twice before and I will say it once again. This piece holds one-of-a-kind power. We have one of them. Who will be the bearer of power?