Cosmonic Harmony and True Ascendance
Cosmonic Harmony and True Ascendance
Cosmonic Harmony and True Ascendance

Cosmonic Harmony and True Ascendance

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This piece-- a necklace made with real pointed crystals-- comes from an ancient text that was found on a tablet in what would have been ancient Sumeria. The tablet is currently being worked on and has been being worked on for the last year or so. In fact, at this point, I think that the plan is to keep the tablet listed as "being worked on" for its entire existence. I don't think the NWO, who secretly owns an entire network of scientific agencies, including NASA, wants the information on the tablet released to the public.  


I only say this because the tablet provides definitive links between humanity and ancient extraterrestrial visitors. The visitors came to earth, evolved, and moved on. What was leftover-- now known as humans-- were left to evolve, if at all, at a slower rate. Yes, folks. We were the evolutionary rejects of the bunch. Sorry to break it to you.  


No worries, though. When you own this piece it will put you into a state of what is known as Cosmic Harmony. This will send a genetic spark into your body that will increase your evolutionary processing times tremendously. This will allow you to be on an extra-terrestrial-level evolutionary track within the first four weeks of owning the piece.  


Through this evolution, you will first experience a full psychic awakening. You will then experience what is called Cosmic Union, where you will join to the Cosmos and its unlimited knowledge and power. Finally, you will receive what is called the Akashic Enlightenment, during which the histories of all the universal cycles will be revealed to you. This is when you will receive True Ascendance with the ability to manifest knowledge and the magic of your choosing.