Negativity Neutralizer for 1 - $55

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This surefire advanced service fully nullifies the selected person's negativity completely. This means any type of dark, negative, evil or rogue thoughts, signals, energies or metaphysical attacks launched at you from your selected person (even their evil eye) is completely diminished before these dangers touch you.

The aftereffect is more like they are hitting you with nothing more than cotton balls.

The selected person can remain as negative as they want to be, but those near that person will be completely unaffected on a metaphysical level by the selected person.

This service has already been successfully completed on relentless bosses, nosy neighbors, abrasive family members, former lovers and more.

This service is especially useful for people who have children, family members, loved ones and friends that they wish to protect from being subjected to their own negativity. This will help others around you from being affected by negativity and will help prevent psychological or emotional problems from forming based on negativity.

Another great benefit of this service is the deflection of most rogue, negative or evil entities or spirits. Lower level spirits sense and feed off of the negative signals a person sends out into the universe. After the completion of this service, negative entities will have no interest in feeding off of the recipient because that recipient expels no negativity, leaving the recipient safe from the harm that these malevolent beings bring.

The following information is needed to complete the service:

1. The first and last name of the recipient.

2. The exact city where the recipient lives.

Upon completion, you will receive an email with the time that the service was completed and an information sheet on how to get the best results from this service.

To purchase this service please send payment directly to THROUGH PAYPAL or purchase directly through the website: