Diaries of an Alpha Wolf
Diaries of an Alpha Wolf
Diaries of an Alpha Wolf
Diaries of an Alpha Wolf
Diaries of an Alpha Wolf

Diaries of an Alpha Wolf

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We got this ring at the Underground Auction.   It is antique and real sterling silver. It came with a diary that was kept by its most previous owner.  The ring does not come with the diary for the sake of keeping the man's identity private.  We are going to include a few of the entries in the diary in order to tell the narrative of the man's story.  We will start with the first time he used the piece.  

We should probably tell you that this piece was not his to use in the first place and he really didn't understand how the piece worked.  He had been spying on a society that called itself the Society of Magnetic Beasts.  Before you lose your mind wondering how a person could become magnetic, let me explain.  

It was made clear in the diary that the Society of Magnetic Beasts referred to themselves as magnetic for the simple fact that they had allure.  They were charming and very charismatic.  They had an old-school charm that allowed them to woo and seduce people, most likely to lead them into the woods where they would become the SMB's fresh new victim.  

On top of this ring, you will see the initials "SMB" scribed.  Flanking the SMB insignia on either side is a wolf and that is because that was and still is the preferred vehicle of the SMB.  Please keep reading for an account of the ring.  

"It was my first time spotting the man-beasts in action.  They were in an abandoned warehouse somewhere on the fringe of town.  They are a group of sturdy and attractive men, with the exception of the old man who sits in the corner.  They call him the Elder.  He has a scar on his face and seems to be the leader of their group."  

"I saw the man-beasts take full transformation tonight.  As the Elder sat and watched they brought out a young man not more than 20 years of age.  They circled him.  They put a ring onto his finger.  In an instant, he dropped to the ground.  He contorted his body and the sound of crunching bodes echoed throughout the abandoned warehouse.  As he screamed in what must have been pure agony, the men of his tribe spoke to him in a language that I do not know.  It wasn't Latin or French for that matter.  Maybe it was the language of the dead?"

"Tonight was even more intense than the last few times I saw the pack.  They gather in a circle, all of them had a ring.  They put them on.  Simultaneously they began to shift into wolves.  Even the Elder shifted.  Tonight I heard them call him a new name.  Alpha.  At this point, it all made clear sense to me.  This is a pack of werewolves.  They have ancient magic that allows them to shape-shift.  I tried keeping up with them, but lost them in the adjacent wood from the warehouse where they gather."  

"I've decided that I wanted one of the rings for my own.  I waited until the wolves left, but there were no rings present after they were gone.  They must somehow carry their rings with them, even when they shift.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get one of those rings, but I'm going to.  Mark my words."  

"It's been a while.  I decided that tonight is the night.  The reason it has been so long since my last entry is because I was busy finding a tool that I need to get the job done.  Things nearly didn't go as planned.  I found the young wolf walking alone in the woods in human form.  I stopped him for a casual conversation.  We talked about the weather and made some other small talk.  I noticed that he was wearing his ring.  I could feel the energy coming off of it and I craved it.  I wanted it more than anything else.  I told the young wolf that I had a compass in my bag and asked him if he could help me figure it out.  It was really the dagger.  He picked up on it.  It was like he could smell it.  That made him uneasy and his body began to quiver.  In a matter of seconds, he had changed form, but I had also drawn my weapon.  He lunged toward me, but it was too late.  I plunged the sacred dagger deep into his chest.  It was made of pure sterling silver and I had bought it from a witch hunter who also collects other forms of entity-hunting devices.  I took the finger from his ring.  This is going to be good.  I've waited too long to feel the power that this ring gives them."  

"My first night with the ring was a disaster.  I woke up in the woods, unclothed, with blood all over the front of my body.  My sense of smell was heightened and I could tell that the blood on my chest was not from a human.  I don’t know how I could tell but somehow knew the blood was from a bear.  A brown bear at that.  I couldn't remember anything from what had happened.  I had vague flashbacks from the transformation as it occurred.  I know that there was pain, but I can’t remember feeling any of it.  I went home from the woods, naked as I was.  I could tell you that I moved easier.  I was stronger.  I had more energy.  When I ran I felt like I was running at the speed of light.  When I got to my house I was careful to make sure that was nobody else looking.  I picked the front end of my car straight up off the ground with one hand.  This is the most amazing thing ever!”  

“The ring is still on my finger.  Today the voices started in my head.  I could hear that they were grieving.  I could feel it in my bones.  There were thousands of voices and they all spoke as one.  I could see their memories.  There were memories from Ancient Rome.  There were memories from Ancient Greece.  There were memories from Sumeria, of the original werewolf.  Just as I could hear their sorrow.  They could hear my guilt.  They knew what I had done.  Their voices turned to anger, but there was nothing that they could do to stop me from hearing them, from being connected to them.  As long as I wore the ring I could be part of the pack.”  

“It’s been a while since my last entry.  I have mastered the use of rings in the past year.  It has been a busy venture.  I am still connected to the pack.  This connection has given me unimaginable power.  I have become part of the SMB.  I can control people’s minds.  I can seduce them and persuade them into doing whatever I want them to do.  I have found other magic as well.  I am stronger.  I have better endurance.  I have grown in strength and stamina.  My sexual appetite has grown.  My sex life has also gotten better.  My virility has grown and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but every person that I engage in sexual endeavors with, I sent them home fully and completely satisfied.  I can give amazing orgasms, but my own sensitivity has increased as well.  The sexual delight is astounding.  It is beyond anything I ever imagined possible sex is ecstasy.  That’s still not all of it. I have gained a connection with nature.  I have been able to use the energies of plants, rocks, trees, water, the land, and even certain animals to create all sorts of magic.  When I speak, people listen to what I say and do as I tell them, as if I have some sort of dominance over them.  I found out why the rest of the pack was so disgruntled about what I did to the young wolf.  He was to replace the Elder as leader of the pack.  Instead of him, I have the ring.  I don’t know what will happen.”  

“Today I found out what I have become.  The term is “Alpha Wolf.”  I began getting strange letters in the mail and then somebody showed up at my house. It turns out the Elder has moved onto the spirit realms.  I haven’t spent a lot of time connected to them, so I didn’t take the time to notice.  They invited me to attend a coronation.  I have yet to decide whether or not I will be attending, but the man who visited me assured me it was a secret attack.  When I killed the young Alpha, I became the new Alpha.  They hadn’t come for me prior because they were waiting for me to train myself, as they do with all Alphas.  Since I was ready, the old Alpha was sent into the spirit realm.  As much as some of them dislike it, since I had defeated the prior Alpha Wolf, it is written in their by-laws that I must become their new leader.”  

“Today I was coronated.  As it turns out, as much as some of the wolves don’t like me, they have to obey me because I am the Alpha.  I am going to use this opportunity to learn their way and prove to them that I will be a strong and fearless leader.  My new name is Alpha Quick Foot, because of how fast I can move.  I was given the knowledge of all previous Alpha Wolves.  I’m connected to them. I can feel them moving and living within me.  The ceremony was pomp and circumstance, but this-- this is the real deal.  Ancient magic has been awakened within me and has given me a sense of euphoria that I can barely put into words.  I feel freer in my wolf form than I ever have before.  Other wolves cower to my strength and I surely assert my power.  There is nothing that I cannot accomplish.”  

“I am searching for an heir.  There is an Indian wolf name Rami the Wid who seems to have gained favor with the masses, but I don’t trust him.  I have been wearing the ring for decades now.  I feel like it is time.  I must find a suitable heir to establish my dominance and my dynasty.”  

It’s us again.  This is where the diary stops.  When you put this ring on, you need to understand that you are agreeing to become an extremely powerful Alpha Wolf.  We have manipulated the ring so that it takes more time to work.  We had to.  There were some pretty graphic passages about how this piece nearly killed Quick Foot.  Your ability to shift will come only after a year.  However, the rest of the things that Quick Foot experiences will come to you immediately.  The Alpha power and Alpha magic will become yours.  The Alpha magic will become yours.  The Virility and strength and overall superiority will come to you almost right away, after a two-week bonding period.

This piece is one of a kind and comes from a very powerful collector from whom we have bought before.  This is your chance to become the net Alpha Male.  This is your opportunity to be next in a dynasty.  If this is something that you are up for, then this is one of the most powerful Alpha pieces that you will ever experience.  We only have one.  Once this piece is gone, it is gone.  We will not be able to get another one.