Disorderly Conduct-- Chaos Magic's Finest
Disorderly Conduct-- Chaos Magic's Finest

Disorderly Conduct-- Chaos Magic's Finest

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If you are looking for prefabricated magic-- as in a certain power or ability in particular-- then this might not be the piece for you. We will never mislead people in their search for what they are looking for. However, if you want something that is completely open-ended, something that will allow you to expand your horizons, something that will allow you to create, be in control, and design your own magic, then this is absolutely the piece for you.

Look, this is an ugly piece. We know that. It has an ugly looking bird on it. These birds are called the Gretched. They are messengers birds that are technically the souls of dead people who act as harbingers between the world of the divine and the mortal. They are even more ghastly than Edgard Allen Poe's raven. Nevertheless, in the circles that know of them, they symbolize freedom, knowledge, magic, and immortality.

This is an appropriate symbol because this piece grants you three out of four of those things. This piece will grant you longevity, but at long last, it will not grant you immortality. Having said that, it will grand you the freedom to create the magic that you want. It will grant you the knowledge of the universe. Obviously, it will grant you magic. That's what we are all about.

Now, in the world of magic, there are two different types of known magic. I'm not talking about dark, light, dual, etc. I'm talking about orderly and disorderly magic. Orderly magic is magic that has already been done. There is a recipe for it. It can be granted to people and given to them. Then there is the disorderly. The disorderly is the magical energy of the universe that God used to create himself and them re-establish the universe into the state that it is in today. It is magic that is created out of the unknown.

Orderly magic is safer than disorderly magic because it has been done before. Disorderly magic always involves a risk or chance, because it is magic that is being done on the fly. You might think that since God "fixed" there is no disorderly magic-- also called chaos magic. There is, though. There has to be a balance of all things. Thus, this piece embraces the chaos of the mysterious and "dark" part of the universe. It draws from this potent energy in order to create magic.

This is what this piece allows you to do. This piece holds a fool-proof protection spell so that nothing you do will backfire. It will protect you at all costs. We've also put regulation spells on this piece, which won't allow you to draw more disorderly energy than you can handle. Trust me, this piece is still powerful. This piece will draw chaos energy from the "dark" side of the universe. Dark simply means unknown, by the way.

You will be able to use this chaos energy to create your own magic. This piece is awesome because to create your own magic is as simple as thinking it into existence. That's right! Chaos energy plus your thought forms equal created magic! It's really that simple. You will meditate with this piece. You will think of the magic you want to create. This piece will automatically do what it has to do to pull forth the disorderly energy. All you have to do is think. It might take some time (a few days to a few weeks) for your magic to come to you, but it will come. It will be stored in this pendant.

The pendant itself is sterling silver and very unique!