Do angels do rituals for magic?
Do angels do rituals for magic?
Do angels do rituals for magic?
Do angels do rituals for magic?

Do angels do rituals for magic?

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This is an all crystal glass necklace that is vintage Trifari. This is strung with chain and very well made. The colors of the green are beautiful!

Can angels get together and do ritual magic? 

Most people may say no because angels can do as they want to. Maybe we just assume that? I’m not sure but with this piece they did. 

A ritual for wealth and abundance in life took place in 1967 on this piece. Kathryn Copjec lived in NYC with her very wealthy parents but she was treated like a pauper. She was very young at the time and was often made fun of. Where she lived everyone was wealthy and dressed a certain way but her parents felt she wasn’t owed a life of luxury but needed to earn it through her own hard work or proper marriage. I can understand teaching your kids to work but putting them through hell is not cool.  

Kathryn was not overly religious but she did believe. So when things got bad she prayed. One night she opened her eyes after sleeping a bit to see these tall beings in her room. One of them had huge wings and a sword of flame.  That angel which could not be determined to be male or female commanded the other beings gs which were angels to stand in a circle. As they stood there they chanted this word over and over, it was Haquin, Haquin. Or that’s what she heard it to be. As they danced in a circle her necklace lifted up and the pain she was born with in her spine went away. She never got the pain back again. The necklace was then handed to her by the one winged angel. 

Knowing that she had prayed she wore the necklace after the angel telling her she would no longer want for anything.  The very next day walking home she met a woman who needed someone to take care of her mother. The job consisted of just keeping her company abd just looking after her a few hours a day. She was paid handsomely and many years later when the woman passed she left her a large sum from her will. 

Karhryn knew this was the act of the angels and with the money from the will she was able to go to college. If it hadn’t been for that she never would have got to go. Her family even though they had the money were not going to help her. Again they felt she needed to do it on her own. After getting through school and knowing how it was made possible by the supernatural act of angels she passed it on. She also had a psychic vision that the angels didn’t just help her but the older lady as well. She knew to pass it on. 

Kathryn is still doing well today and I asked her how she got it back and how many others got to use it. She told me that everyone that used got or ended up with the life they really wanted.

While I don’t know if angels always do abundance rituals I think these did.