Dr. Mercy 9/2/21
Dr. Mercy 9/2/21
Dr. Mercy 9/2/21

Dr. Mercy 9/2/21

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Dr. Mercy is what she was known as. Her real name has been long ago lost but it doesn’t really matter. The piece you are looking at is very old, an antique. This is Cognac Amber set in sterling silver. This is not a ring or pin but is very long with a loop at the end to be worn on a chain. The length of the piece is about 6 inches long. The Amber is exquisite and as most of you know can be up to 3 million years old. This is definitely an old piece.

Dr. Mercy was known a true miracle worker in her time. She could cure anything from the physical to the spiritual and even the mental.  It wasn’t that she was a miracle worker but the medicine she used which was this piece. This is one of the most impressive healing pieces we have and a true piece of history. To even find a piece like this today is extremely rare.  Dr. Mercy as she was known worked all over and she traveled with the Methodists. There were known groups of traveling Methodists who went by horse or carriage to the various colonies. Dr. Mercy decided to stay in a little town near Mays Landing NJ. The town now is a ghost town and sits inside a thick patch of woods. All that is left now are graves you have to hunt for which are still there. This piece was found in the ghost town inside a disintegrating leather envelope like pouch. Inside were also papers which as they moved would just crumble. What we were able to get out of it was that this is a piece for healing and a list of people she cured and what they had. We couldn’t  read it all and the handwriting was hard to understand to begin with. While we couldn’t read it all we did learn quite a bit. 
We can’t promote healing items and tell you to use them instead of your doctor. Don’t seek our advice on medical issues, seek a professional doctor. If you need help dial 911 and not my number. With that being said I will now tell you what has been said of the healing properties of Cognac Amber.
Going back thousands of years people have used Amber for various health issues. Here is what Amber has been used for.
For the body- sores, internal organs, skin conditions, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, gout, goiters, arthritis, joint pain, heart conditions, blood disorders, broken bones, eyes, the list is long. Basically the entire body.
Mental conditions- seasonal disorders, depression, eating disorders, various other conditions. This also includes the brain and all it’s functions.
Psychic abilities- balance of mind, stress relief, psychic abilities, telekinesis, telekinetic, extra sensory perception, fully opening the third eye with out danger, astral release, all psychic abilities.
Chakras- this fine tunes all the chakras for you. 
Protection- Amber offers protection for travelers and those under attack from dark spirits.  Curses and dark energies placed get absorbed and released where they can’t injure anyone. 
To use this piece.  Wear it on a chain for a day or two to allow it to get to know your body. This is important only if you plan on using it on others. When you are ready to use it you just hold it at the tip and place in on the area of the body you need to heal. If you have pain in the joints, rub it lightly over them. Arthritis in your hands, run the Amber over your hands a few times a day until you have relieved the pain. Conditions related to the brain place the Amber on both the top of the head and near the forehead. Allow enough time for the Amber to absorb anything bad or negative. Many times a few days of usage is needed. Other times you will realize it worked right away.  It all depends on how bad the situation.
What makes Amber work? It is believed that the sap from the trees absorb disease. The energy is clean and pure and seeks to do the same to things it comes in contact with.
You won’t find another piece like this. This was made just for healing. Yes this can also work on all your pets as well. This is a rare piece!