Drink the Blood of Christ
Drink the Blood of Christ
Drink the Blood of Christ
Drink the Blood of Christ

Drink the Blood of Christ

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The piece you are getting is a metal spoon/artifact.  The pictures we have for this piece have been extracted from the Youtube video on this piece, which you can view by clicking the following link-- https://youtu.be/oGRSL0EC5c4


When we did the video we had forgotten what this piece was all about.  I don’t know how we could have, because the powers in this piece are astounding, but we have located the file and I am ready to tell you all about this piece.  If you are into white light power and even if you are not, this piece is going to be a piece that you will want simply because of all the power that it will give you!  

This piece has quite the history.  It once belonged to the group called the Priory of Sion.  If you remember correctly is the group that is charged with the keeping of the Holy Grail.  They are a group of elite white light warriors that hold the secrets of the grail and the transformative powers that dwell within.  Just in case you haven’t ever heard of the Holy Grail, it is the chalice that Jesus drank from during the last supper.  It holds his divine essence and ay person that drinks from that chalice receives it.  That is how Christ stayed on Earth-- by living through the blood of his disciples after they ingested his.  

This spoon is not the Holy Grail, but the powers that it brings you are equivalent.  In fact, I’d say that they go a little bit above and beyond what they offer you in terms of knowledge simply because the Holy Grail gives you Christ’s presence, but the Holy Spoon as we are calling it, gives you the knowledge of his life.  I do mean his entire life.  All to often only a few years of Christ’s life is remembered.  It’s like everyone is all happy because he was born in a manger and then all of a sudden he’s 33-years-old smashing stuff in a temple and doing miracles.  That’s not exactly how it played out.  

In fact, during his life there were many places that young Jesus had to travel.  He went to visit monks in Tibet.  He learned from magi in India.  He even studied with gypsies that taught him the ancient ways of Egyptian magic that have traveled in their bloodlines for centuries.  You are probably ready to try to nail somebody to cross now, thinking, “Wait, Jesus was all-powerful!  He wanted to put an end to all that!”  Well, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, but here’s the thing-- just like you and I, Christ was born in God’s image.  Just like you and I, Jesus had to release his inner God genome to embrace his divinity.  In order to do that he had to learn how and that’s why he was sent to study with learned masters.  

This is not new information.  There is actually a lot of information on this if you read the lost and banned books of the Bible.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, the leaders of the world in those days, during the Council of Trent specifically, destroyed the Bible and only allowed what they wanted to stay.  They did this to create a narrative that fit their conveniences.  They did this to control a relatively uneducated population, so they could tell them that they were going to Hell if they didn’t do every little thing that they demanded of them.  

What I’m telling you is not acrimony, those are facts.  Jesus lived a full life, but-- to this day-- they don’t want you to know this because then you might be able to think for yourself.  You might be able to grow in power and embrace your divinity and your birthright.  That would be a threat because then they’d no longer be able to control you.  I don’t mean the Priory of Sion.  They are doing what they were recruited to do by guarding the chalice.  Rather, I’m talking about the church and the world governments.  They reserve the power of the birthright for themselves simply because it allows them to control the world and they are drunk on power and filled with wealth.  

This piece gives you a different narrative.  This piece was not taken by the Prior of Sion.  It was recovered from the Vatican secret archives.  The Vatican took it from the Priory many years ago and they have fostered it since.  Actually, it’s more like they’ve hidden it since they’ve had it.  No worries, because we were able to confiscate it thanks to a connection that Deedee has.  Let me be the first to tell you that this piece is absolutely no joke.  This piece is powerful and it will grant you amazing power.  You will see a skeleton at the top of this piece with a crown.  This signifies the death of your old self because you will be letting go of what you once were. 

You will see the winding tendrils that lead down to the part of the spoon that opens up to feature Baby Jesus.  This is because through these powers you will be reborn into truth.  You will be reborn into knowledge.  You will rebirthed into divinity and white light power.  The tendrils leading from death to rebirth are twisted like DNA.  They represent the fact that when you use this piece you will receive and accept the DNA of Christ.  By accepting this DNA you accept his presence and his knowledge.  You will gain full knowledge of his entire life, not just what the oligarchs want you to know.

This piece will give you what is called the Christ Identity.  This Christ Identity will relinquish the mortal hold that bounds you to flesh imprisonment.  It will allow your divinity to be released within yourself.  You will be reborn into power and white light magic and knowledge.  This knowledge is the knowledge of Christ and the knowledge of God.  This is the magic and the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to manifest the divine magic and abilities that are your birthright.  You will be able to manifest into the image of God and to know the universe like He does.  You will be able to have the psychic awareness of Christ, to the minds of all people, and to create miracles as you see fit just as he did and just as the saints did.  You will be able to create where there are voids.  You will be able to enlighten where there is darkness.  This piece recreates you as one of God’s own and more powerful than any of the angels or other Heavenly host he has created because with this piece the Holy Trinity will live in you and will manifest through you!  

To use this piece is very simple.  You will pour yourself a glass of wine or grape juice.  You will stir the spoon in your choice of drink clockwise seven times.  This transforms the liquid to the blood of Christ.  You will do this once daily for 40 days.  After that, the rebirth will begin and you will start to notice that your powers and knowledge will manifest to you a little bit at a time, day by day.  To use this piece, you must be consistent and you must be in it for the long-haul.  This is not one of those pieces that give you instant gratification, but one that grows within you until you have become an extremely enlightened and extremely powerful individual.