Druid Meets Vampires-- An Irish Fusion of Magic

Druid Meets Vampires-- An Irish Fusion of Magic

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This piece was carried for years by a very powerful entity named Fitzgerald. People who know him call him Fitzy for short. Well, that's his modernized name. In actuality, he is an ancient entity who was first a Celtic Druid who master the magic of the 13 Life Trees of the Sacred Grove. Like a serpent of knowledge, Fitzy spends many years in the Sacred Grove Learning from the Trees, which spoke knowledge to him.

Later on in life, he willingly underwent a sanguine vampire transformation. He was already powerful enough, but he wanted to push the limits. Fitzy is the kind of entity that is always looking for a thrill or to push the envelope. Over the next few centuries, he perfected his sanguine art, melding it with his druidic powers. The result was the creation of hybrid magic that is more powerful than each of them on their own.

The pendulum you are getting is a jade pendulum that used to belong to Fitzy. During an ascendence into higher realms, his presence was duplicated into this jade pendulum. When using this piece you will ask the pendulum yes or not questions. This is the warm-up. As you use this piece, Fitzy's presence will come to you. He will share his knowledge and his magic with you. He holds full knowledge of both a Celtic Druid and a Sanguine Vampire. Through this connection you will be able to seek out magic and wisdom. He will share his insight with you and grant you the magic that you ask for.