Element 74
Element 74
Element 74
Element 74

Element 74

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This is a vintage ring.  There are no markings on it, but Deedee has a feeling that it could be gold.  We aren't 100% sure on that though.  Either way, this piece is extremely powerful.  Read on for all the juicy details!


In 2007 the Freedom of Information act declassified a set of documents-- nearly 700 pages worth-- referred to as the "Family Jewels". This information was kept secret because of its embarrassing and morally wrong content, showcasing that the CIA regularly overreaches its authority and does things that any law-abiding citizen would be sentenced to lifetimes in prison for.

Supposedly these releasing of these documents was a way for American intelligence agencies to "turn a new leaf" and to be as transparent as possible with the American people. Yeah, they can just go ahead and feed that to somebody else, because in the words of Sleepy Joe, "that's a bunch of melarky."


While the family jewels did reach back to times during the 70s and the height of the Cold War with Russia and if actually did release some damning information about the United States government, the real reason that these documents were released is simply that they wanted to turn a blind eye to the rest of them. There are still other documents that have been not been released by the government that document far more sinister things than that. 

One of the best-kept secrets of the intelligence forces in the USA is a packet of documents that are called the Dead Files. The Dead Files are names such not because they document dead people or things, but to let other people in the loop know not to mess with those files. They are as good as dead. Do not release them to the public no matter what. If they do there could be dire consequences. These include things such as agreements with alien races, schematics for sacred architectural programs that outline how buildings are supposed to place according to ancient sacred geometry, blood rituals, incantations, and all sorts of other dark things.

Hidden with the dead file is a cache of items that have been collected by the government over the years and that is what we are offering you today. This piece was created during a project that was sort of along the lines of MK ULTRA but was more focused on a secret element that was discovered by the Russians and later smuggled to the USA. The project was aptly named Project Element, with the Element later being deemed Element 74 because that is the year of its arrival in America.

Many experiments with this Element 74 were conducted on otherwise healthy and able American soldiers and American civilians alike. The results varied but included causing complete insanity, spontaneous combustion, melting, and many other gruesome and awful outcomes. However, as time went on they were able to control Element 74. It was used as a brain-altering element through which they were able to fuse the mind of the participants to the whole of the universe, particularly a place called the Akashic Records.

I don't need to spend my time describing the Akashic Records because most of you already know all about them. What I will say is that this piece allows you to connect to the Akashic Records, among other things. With your connection to the Akasha you will be able to manifest any knowledge of any time and place that has ever occurred. You will be able to see it in the form of a vision as if you were actually there and the knowledge will be "uploaded" into your brain. This includes the knowledge of magic if you want it.

You can "upload" magic into your mind and since the Akasha holds all knowledge, there is no limit to what you can upload. You can find and manifest any type of magic that you want into your body. It might take some time for your mortal body to process and manifest it into reality, but the magic is there and it's yours for the taking. Also, some things will take longer than others to manifest.

Other things that this piece will do for you include granting you longevity and good health and obviously a psychic awakening, which is what allows your connection to the Akasha in the first place.