Elixir of Six Immortal Maidens
Elixir of Six Immortal Maidens
Elixir of Six Immortal Maidens
Elixir of Six Immortal Maidens

Elixir of Six Immortal Maidens

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This piece is a an Asian spelled bottle. This means that when you pu ta liquid into this bottle it will auto-generate an elixir. We recommend using water, but you could also use some kind of oil if you'd like. The thing is you can't wash it off and oil doesn't evaporate, so if you are using oil it might be filmy for a while on your skin. If you don't mind, we don't either. You could also use perfume if you want, or scented essential oils.

This piece is a vintage bottle. It has banded agate on the top with an ivory applicator. The presence of the Six Immortal Maidens has been preserved in this bottle. When you fill the bottle with the liquid of your choice, you will allow it to sit for seven days. In that time period, the elixir will be brought to life. You will then apply the elixir to your body.

You will meditate while the elixir is on your body and call out to the Immortal Maiden of your choice. Each one of the maidens brings something different, as they are all versed in different areas of magic. The elixir is what gives you the ability to connect to them, but you can only connect with one at a time. If you wish to connect with more than one, you must wait at least an hour and restart the process. Below is a list of the Immortal Maidens you are receiving and what they will do for you.

Immortal Maiden of Beauty-- You will tell her what you don't like about yourself-- inside or out-- and she will use her immortal magic to change it. Keep in mind, if you are asking her to change a physical feature, this could take a bit. If I were you I'd would use the piece like this-- "I'm getting a haircut, please make it look fabulous," and she will make sure that whatever happens you will come out looking like a million bucks.

Immortal Maiden of Love-- This is self-explannatory. She will help you find your one true love, unite with them and form ain inseparable bond. She fortifies this bond will fidelity, good conversation, and longevity.

Immortal Maiden of Wealth-- This Maiden blesses you with any type of wealth you want. Wealth in business? Say no more! Wealth at the casnio? She's got you. Whatever kind of wealth you need or desire, this Immortal Maiden will bring it to you. .

Immortal Maiden of Good Health-- This Maiden promotes good health and longevity. she will do spiritual healing, minor physical healing, mental healing, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, help with depression, sleeping, etc.

Immortal Maiden of Destiny-- She will help guide you down something called the golden path. This is the path to your own given destiny, but the power that this maiden has is the change your destiny, should you want to change it. Having said that, she also has the ability to show you the future so you can make your decision wisely.

immortal Maiden of Magic-- As her name suggests, she will help you find magic and summon it into your subconscious. This magic will stay ther, making a home in your mind. If at any point you want to resurrect that magic all you have to do is reach into yrou sub-conscious and pull it forward.