Enochian at the Vatican

Enochian at the Vatican

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This piece is an enlightenment tool that has actually been used by the Vatican. Well, the magic is a tool that was used by the Vatican. This piece is the magic’s new home. The magic that is acquired with this piece is the ability to comprehend the ancient language of God, known as Enochian.  



Knowing Enochian comes with its benefits, such as being able to summon angels for the powers and abilities. It also allows you to recite spells in the language of God, in order to get better results. Of course, when using this piece, whatever you speak will automatically be translated to Enochian, so you don’t ever have to be fluent.   



What you say will be translated int Enochian automatically, even though you will still feel and hear yourself speaking in English, or Spanish, or French, or whatever language you speak. Thus, you will be able to speak spells into existence, as long as they are white light!