Extreme Wealth of the Archdukes of Bohemia- 1879, John D Rockefeller
Extreme Wealth of the Archdukes of Bohemia- 1879, John D Rockefeller
Extreme Wealth of the Archdukes of Bohemia- 1879, John D Rockefeller

Extreme Wealth of the Archdukes of Bohemia- 1879, John D Rockefeller

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The Bohemian Club was founded in 1872 by a group of musicians, journalists, and artists. At least that is the story the is given. The truth is the Bohemian Club was started by a host of the richest Americans. The objective? To secure more wealth for its members and initiate new members to the Bohemian Grove that could help the club generate more wealth. Naturally, this group would include artists and musicians as they were some of the most famous people and eventually some of the best-paid people in society. The group was originally created to advance American interests in the world, but today the group accepts people from all over the world from the rich, upper-crust of society. They also allow a few people that aren't necessarily the richest people in the world that they groom to become the heirs of the power they have developed. You see, it no longer matters whether these people are rich when they join the ranks of the club because they have the ability to grant wealth in ways that can propel people from having nothing to ranking among the richest people in the world.

In order to do this, however, they needed magic. This is what the club was initially founded for. Well, I mean that's what they were secretly founded to do. That's why they purchased the retreat in Northern California that is known as the Bohemian Grove. They needed a place where they could perform their wealth rituals without people catching onto what they were doing. It was at the Bohemian Grove that the real magic happened. In fact, the Bohemian Grove remains the place where the Bohemian Club orchestrates their magic, having several large meet-ups each year. Some of these meet-ups are known and some are very secret and exclusive. During these meet-ups, rituals are performed that grant wealth to the next generation of Bohemians that will acquire the wealth magic that will allow them to infiltrate the top 1%, so they can control the world's wealth. The best "known" secret ritual that the members of the Bohemian Grove partake in is called the Rising of Molech. Molech is an ancient god of magic that has the ability to grant those who perform the ritual anything that they want. However, the ritual requires a very extensive blood ritual that must be performed by everyone in attendance.

The Raising of Molech ritual is performed every year during the Harvest Moon in the fall, which makes sense because the purpose of the ritual is to harvest the wealth of the world to grant it to those in attendance of the ritual. Throughout the years, these rituals have hosted very powerful people. They include members of the Freemason, the Bilderbergs, the Skull and Bone Society, the Illuminati, and various other organizations. Then, there is the occasional magnate who is completely independent of any of these groups. Each year, the Bohemian Supreme Council, which governs the affairs of the Bohemian Club, chooses who they would like to officiate the ritual. They then send out an invitation to that person. The only rule is that the officiator has to be somebody who is already a member of the Bohemian Grove.

The person chosen officiator is then known as the Archduke of Bohemia. It is the highest honor that one can attain in being part of the Bohemian Club and the Raising of Molech. The Archduke is the one that actually pierces the individuals being used as blood sacrifices, allowing their blood to flow into a trench that is filled. Once the trench is full, Molech rises from the blood of innocents as the ritual requires. Once Molech has risen, the Archduke is granted full wealth, which is placed into a coin. This coin is later turned into a ring that can be worn and/or collected. There are only one of these coins distributed each year and it always goes to the Archduke of Bohemia. Nobody is allowed to be Archduke twice, as this is thought to create an imbalance between the Archdukes and the wealth that is granted to them. These Archdukes will go on to become the richest and wealthiest people known to mankind. Prior Archdukes include members include Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, practically all of the Bushes, members of the Walton family, big pharma executives, and other politicians, world business leaders, and celebrities.

Why am I tell you all this? Well, that's the fun part. We are telling you this because Deedee was able to score a handful of the Archduke rings while she was at the Underground Auction. These rings are extremely powerful and will grant you the same wealth and prestige that it once granted the person to whom it belonged. All of the original owners of these rings have since deceased. The rings themselves are pure silver or .925 silver year the coin coincides with. You can see the year on the ring. Again, each of these rings was once owned by a very rich, powerful person that once served as the Archduke of Bohemia. They have received the blessing of Molech, directly by his own hands, as he rose out of the blood of innocents to serve those who had summoned him. Below, is a list of the Bohemian Archdukes whose rings we have acquired. I'm not sure how or why these rings were acquired from the seller. He wouldn't release any more information than what I've already shared with you. Below are the years of each of these coins and Archduke that this particular year coincides with, who once used the piece to amass an impressive fortune.  These rings will allow you to amass an extreme fortune.  This wealth will come to you without you ever having to attend a single Bohemian Grove ceremony, but with the amount of money you will be coming into, don't be surprised if you are one day invited!  This wealth comes from Molech and the money will come from all directions in your life.  These are the most powerful and results-oriented wealth pieces that we have on the website right now, so if wealth is what you want, then you need this piece! You will know whose ring you are getting because it will be in the title. Again these rings are either pure silver or .925. Here is the list.

1879- John Rockefeller. He was already wealthy when he was invited to be the Archduke of Bohemia. He amassed his wealth by becoming a magnate in the oil industry. The magic in this piece allowed him to grow his wealth even more. When he died John D. Rockefeller was the richest man on Earth with an estimated net worth of $340B, adjusted for inflation. That's impressive!!

1891- Charles Schwab- He was a young man who was secretly taken under the wing of John D. Rockefeller to be pruned to control the American economy. The wealth that was granted to him allowed him to become extremely wealthy, leading the famed Bethlehem to a virtual monopoly during WWI and allowing him to amass a personal fortune of $6.2B.

1899- Henry Ford- Pretty much everybody knows who this man is. However, he didn't go on to become the automotive industry magnate that he is today until after also being taken under the wing of John D. Rockefeller. He was invited to be the Archduke of Bohemia after which his wealth exploded after inventing and implementing the assembly line. His success afforded him a net worth of $200B.

1901- Andrew Carnegie- Another steel magnate that found success on his own, he actually refused the privilege of becoming the Archduke of Bohemia. However, in doing so in 1901, the wealth that was afforded to him allowed him to amass and enjoy a $310B fortune.

1925- Vincent Astor- An heir of a massive fortune, Vincent Astor used his fortune to reinvest in property and locomotive related ventures. Perhaps the least known person on our list, he is managed to use his invite to be the Archduke of Bohemia to amass a staggering fortune of $75B.

2001- Steve Jobs- Arguably the most well-known person on our list, and the most modern, he is recently deceased. He helped Apple pioneer the cellular device market, becoming a leader in technology and piloting the best selling mobile device on the planet! He managed to amass a fortune of $10B before unfortunately succumbing to pancreatic cancer in 2011. I know the issue of why he didn't use magic to heal himself will arise. The answer is that I simply don't know why he didn't use magic.