Face Value:  You Live Among Them
Face Value:  You Live Among Them

Face Value: You Live Among Them

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Have you ever met somebody and you just didn't like them? You look at their face and you just want to lob off their head? There's most likely a very real reason. It just didn't happen in this lifetime. It happened in one of your other lifecycles.  


The same goes with people who you like or who just resonate well with you. Your subconscious mind knows, but you don't. It comes as a feeling. This piece will give you a type of cyclic discernment that will allow you to look upon the face of others and realize who they were to you in other life cycles. You will be able to know the entirety of your interactions with other people and why or why not you should trust them, like them, etc.  


This will work because the same people from your previous lifecycle manifest into your newer lifecycles. Over and over again. This will help you identify those who mea the most to you.