Fertilize Your Own Cosmic Egg

Fertilize Your Own Cosmic Egg

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This piece is extremely powerful because it holds the presence of what is known as the Cosmic Egg.  In a bunch of cultures there is folklore that a giant egg was hatched and from this egg sprung everything that we know in existence.  This is a cute story, but it definitely isn't entirely accurate.  However, the concept behind the Cosmic Egg isn’t entirely false either.  If you are a Bible reader then you remember the part in the Book of Genesis that says that in the beginning was the Word.  The Word was with God.  The Word was God.  This is also another metaphor used to describe a driving force of Cosmic Knowledge wherein all knowledge that has ever existed lived.  It was called the Word in Christian origin stories.  In other stories, it was called the Cosmic Egg.  No matter what it was called, it doesn’t change the fact that before the existence of anything there nothing.  There was knowledge, but it was unformed and it was in very rudimentary forms.  

Outside of the knowledge was Comis Energy.  Without knowledge, cosmic energy is nothing.  It’s like having a really strong person who has zero intelligence.  However, this energy-- this cosmic strength-- was needed in order to fertilize the knowledge, to give the cosmic knowledge that existed a shove.  It was needed to “break open the shell of the egg,” and allow the contents to spill out.  So, over the course of so many years, we don’t have a number to measure them accurately, the cosmic energy nurtured and fertilized the Word (cosmic knowledge).  Finally, the interaction became too much for either to bear that the knowledge broke out of the “cosmic egg” and all of the ideas and notions and forms of knowledge spilled forth.  The universe was created and the highest form of all intelligent lifeforms (aka as God) was born from the union of these two forces.  That’s why in the Beginning was the Word.  God was born out of the knowledge and the knowledge exists within him, but it also exists within us. This is because he used the same knowledge to create to us and He created us in his image to experience our mortal life, to make the choice to be purified, and to return to him in eternal, immortal, and Heavenly bliss.  

God was not the only “enlightened” being and this is one of the reasons why other “gods and goddesses” exist in the universe.  However, he is primordial and he is the absolute most powerful in our existence.  Are there other cosmic eggs?  We don’t have solid proof of this at present, but guess is that there are probably millions of them in other forms of existence and in parallel universes or other realms.  How they are governed is a mystery and where they exist has yet to be found.  What we are offering is the chance to experience the Cosmic Egg that we have come from.  This means you will experience the universal knowledge that we have all evolved from.  You will be given the knowledge of all things.  You will be given a fully comprehensive and complete knowledge of God whereby you will be able to see all of the things he has experienced in His “lifetime.”  Remember, we have said before that God has always existed and that is because he has existed in one form or another, but like all lifeforms, He has evolved and the lifeform He has taken now hasn’t always been the one he existed in.  That’s how he is the Alpha and the Omega if you follow.  

What I’m saying is that you receive all-inclusive knowledge.  There will be nothing about the universe that you will not understand or be able to decipher-- sorcery, alchemy, sacred numerology, sacred geometry, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, etc. will all be yours for the taking.  You will also receive the counterpart-- the yang to the yin.  You will receive the cosmic energy that is necessary to “fertilize” your “cosmic egg.”  What this means is that the current of the cosmic energy will flow through you.  You will be able to use this knowledge to create your own magic, to call forth any spirit, to summon any entity, to cast any spell, to practice any form of archaic or primordial magic, to birth any entity.

Look, this is a very powerful piece, as is the one we put on earlier tody-- so, when you purchase this piece you will also need to email Steve (hcsteve86@gmail.com) and he will give you instructions on how to use it.  They are simple, but should this piece fall into the wrong hands-- all literal Hell could break loose and we wouldn’t want that.  This piece comes from an order of Comic Sorcerers and that is really all that I can say about how/where we got this piece.  Just know that these sorcerers are eternal and they absolutely know their stuff, otherwise we wouldn’t even confer with them.  This piece is extremely powerful, so you might want to get it while the getting is good.  We only have one of these pieces, so make sure you take advantage while you still can!