Ancient Encrypted Marker

Ancient Encrypted Marker

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Ancient Marker<br /><br />     

In order to know the infinite mind beyond the personality one must sacrifice or surrender the ego-self to the higher-self. In many mythologies, there is a quest for knowledge beyond birth, life and death. This information is brought back from the divide via a tribe's appointed shaman. Jesus hung on the cross, and Odin hung on the tree of knowledge, both defied death and brought back sacred knowledge. Another story about the hanging of deities is recorded by Pausanias, and tells of the legendary beginnings of the Kaphyae ritual of 'hanging Artemis'. Children at play hung her image in the cypress trees sacred to the goddess, possibly for their regenerative powers, as swamp cypress look like a forest fire has decimated them during the winter months. The children we’re perhaps calling upon the goddess to restore the trees. In any case, the men finding the children with an image of the deity hung upside down in the forest became worried that this was sacrilegious behavior, so they stoned the children to death. Artemis in turn, angered by the men's harsh reaction cursed the women with infertility, and the oracle at Kaphyae told them that in order to restore fertility, the goddess required that they make it a custom to hang her image in the trees to atone for death of the innocents.<br /><br />

So we have stories of resurrection, trees with regenerative powers, and the sacrifice of the innocent. But there is even more to the story. In addition to the shaman’s position in society as magician or god, there is the physical position of the body to consider too.<br /><br />

The theme of sacrifice by hanging is ancient, as is the form of the fylfot, which looks like a swastika but with shorter legs. The ideogram is one of the oldest markings found in Greece, more than 3000 years old, and it is similar to the symbol used by Native American Anasazi to represent the sun. Etymologically, ‘fylfot’ is Old English and is related to Norse meaning ‘many footed’. The reason to mention the fylfot here is that the Hanged Man’s legs take on the form of the fylfot. The form is also known as Brigit’s cross for the Celtic goddess who is another form of Freya. “The … spectrum of meaning is centered around power, energy, and migration. It is closely associated with and , thus with tribal migrations.” <br /><br />

This is an ancient marker of the tribes --- and showcases the strong and honorable symbol of fleet footedness that grants secret wisdom of reflections in a human soul.<br /><br />

You will be enstilled with remarkable visions and strengths of power that will blossom and awaken a new resurrected sense of self.<br /><br />