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Enlightened Seed of Knowledge    

The uniting of yin and yang, wholeness, experience of higher self through union is the knowledge in this piece. The passionate joining of heaven and earth; the image of the cats curled up in a circle is indicative of the ying-yang symbol. Harmony, balance, and passion are the principles that drive the energies in this piece.

An unconventional image for lovers or brothers for some, but one that echoes the circle, the balance, the ease, and essential love (compassion as well as passion) that is associated with the lovers conceptually. When you get this piece, you will gain ease with making decisions.

There is a choice when one gives themselves over to passion, be it romantic love, or a political cause. But if we look at the energies as the context of the brothers, with the interpretation that there is a decision to be made, we see that the decision could involve cooperation and compassion.

Depending on the questions you hold, and the position of your life will bring about the interpretation of your spirit when you bond with this item.

The powers will always involve more than one person, and a choice that will influence both parties. The decision must not be made lightly. The situation has come full circle in some measure. The ideal is to stay in harmony with the other person and create a union that is stronger than either of you alone. Consider how you can best strengthen and harmonize your life. If this involves someone else, express your position compassionately, and if they are truly your friend, they will respond in kindness with your blessings from this piece!

Amazing contentment is found when you bond with this item~!