Fifty Shades of Green, Asian Wealth Spells
Fifty Shades of Green, Asian Wealth Spells
Fifty Shades of Green, Asian Wealth Spells

Fifty Shades of Green, Asian Wealth Spells

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There's no need to go to great lengths at giving a backstory to this piece.  What I will say is that it comes from a secret society of magicians that practice ancient Asian magic.  this magic comes from variances of energies that have been granted to them from the Jade Emperor, who grants all wealth.  This is why the energies have been placed into this sterling silver and jade bracelet.  It not only pays homage to the jade emperor himself, but it also invites the Jade Emperor into your life so he can work his wealth miracles.  Trust me-- this is VERY powerful magic, mostly because it holds 50 different forms of ancient Asian wealth spells.  All you have to do with this piece is to wear it.  It's that simple.  The wealth spells will be cast upon you and the wealth will begin to enter your life in various forms and in all areas of your life.  Below are some of the 50 wealth spells that will be cast for you, the rest will be revealed as you use the piece. 

Wealth Dragon Wealth Spell

Phoenix Wealth Spell

Dynasty Wealth Spell

Wealth in Business Spell

Wealth  in your Job Spell

Wealth by Luck Spell

Wealth of the East Wind Spell

Wealth of the West Wind Spell

Fortitude of Fate Wealth Spell

Winding Destiny Wealth Spell

Winning Court Cases Wealth Spell

Shining Light Wealth Beacon Spell

Chinese New Year Fortitude Spell

Wealth of the Immortals Spell

Daikokuten's Blessing Wealth Spell

Traveling Wealth Spell 

Casino Wealth Spell

Family Wealth Spell

All Minor Deities Wealth Spell

Yellow River, Yellow Dragon Wealth Spell

Explosive Wealth Spell

Materialized Wealth Spell

Spiritualized Wealth Spell

Blood Ritual Wealth Spell

Ancestral Wealth Spell

 Golden Wealth Spell