Five Sacred Ladies
Five Sacred Ladies
Five Sacred Ladies
Five Sacred Ladies

Five Sacred Ladies

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We talk a lot about Napoleon. Deedee loves him and he was a very influential person in history. What you probably recognize most about him was the fact that he went to the Pyramids, stayed there for the night, and came back with a story to tell. We have featured a few items that have held powers from the experience that Napoleon had at the Pyramids. However, that is not the entirety of Napoleon's story. We get carried away with the super mysterious stuff that we don't stop to realize that there was more to this man than meets the eye. He was actually an avid collector of metaphysical items and was very into the occult. I mean, that was the whole reason he visited and stayed in the pyramid in the first place.

Napoleon had quite the collection, to be honest. He had pieces from all over the world. Nepal, Tibet, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, and even a bunch from Europe. A few of his piece have gone missing over the years, but the vast amount of his collection went with him when he was exiled to St. Helena. The collection remained there after he died of stomach cancer in 1821 at the age of 51. That seems like an early age for somebody to die, but like I always say-- quality over quantity. He had the chance to travel the world, which allowed him to spur his interest in the occult even more. Like I said, he had quite the collection of pieces and relics from around the world.

In 1840 when his body was taken back to France for interment, his collection never came with him. We haven't a single clue what exactly happened to his hoard. It could have been pirates or it could have fallen into the hands of the people who were sent to St. Helena to care for him. We aren't sure. All we know is that after his death his items were taken and dispersed. Actually, not all of them were dispersed, some of them were hidden. That's how we came to acquire the piece that we have. We didn't personally travel to St. Helena, we are in contact with somebody who did. we met them at the underground auction. They are the ones that hooked us up with this piece and we really mean hooked us up!!

This piece isn't an original. We transferred the power from the piece we received from Napoleon's original collection into this one. We tried to find something that was as close to the original as possible. We could not take pictures of the original as we were told by the person who gave it to us that this would curse us. So, we didn't just to err on the side of caution. However, the original does look similar to the one you are getting. The one you are getting is actually a vintage piece and is very valuable. It is a bracelet that features 5 prominent cameos. They are called the 5 Sacred Ladies.

The Five Sacred Ladies are not all deities, but some of them are. Some of them are just powerful entities that hold sacred magic or secret knowledge. We aren't sure where he got the original piece, in fact, most things about this piece are shrouded in a cloud of mystery, but that would be befitting for Napoleon. Either way, the list of the Five Sacred Ladies and what they will do for you or reveal to you are below.

1.) Goddess Ishtar: She is the sacred deity of magic. She has the knowledge of all magic-- black, white, and in-between. She allows you to create your own magic with your own bodily energy. This will allow you to have magic that is uniquely yours and will mimic your personality. This can be any type of magic that you ask her for, but it will b customized for your use.

2.) Mary, Mother of Christ: She imparts the presence of the Holy Trinity. This is the knowledge of God the Father who brings you a connection to the Universe. This includes the bloodline of the Divine child that allows you access to Heaven and to the holy blood alchemy. This includes the mastering of the Holy Spirit who will grant miracles that you wish to create.

3.) Our Lady of Fatima: While technically one of the Emanations of Mary is her own separate entity. She will bring you the 3rd and 4th Secrets of Fatima that have been hoarded by the Catholic Church. These are secrets of the End of Times that will allow you not only to be protected from the evil that lurks in the darkness but to be ready when the times come. It also will give you the magic that will prepare your boy for Ascension when the day comes. It will give you divine knowledge that will allow you to replicate angelic abilities as they are found in Heaven, so that way you can better fight off the evil when it comes.

4.) Amaterasu: She is the Japanese patron goddess and ruler of the universe. Her names mean Shines from Heaven. She carries with her emanations of wisdom and the knowledge and power of the Cosmos. This knowledge will allow you to transform your mind to understand the universe and the environment around you on a different level. It will allow you to draw powers and abilities from these things that you will be able to manifest into reality. Amaterasu is also the granter of great fortunes and will bring incredible wealth into your life!!

5.) Lakshmi: She is the wife of Vishnu and is the goddess of good fortune and abundance. This abundance will be granted in all things including wealth, love, fulfillment, success, and magic. She grants heightened spirituality and self-awareness with the ability to manifest the life that you want for yourself. She is a remover of obstacles and will allow you to own success in whatever you do.