For Tough Cases, The Feeding-2
For Tough Cases, The Feeding-2
For Tough Cases, The Feeding-2

For Tough Cases, The Feeding-2

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This is the second one of these pieces that we have.  This piece is sterling silver and it is not dirty.  On the inside, there is painted enamel.   It is a very beautiful and colorful ring. This is an extremely, extremely unique, and valuable ring.  It is a one-of-a-kind piece.  It is also very powerful!


If you are into the high-end magic this might be for you. If your not into the religious miracles or anything to do with religion you will like this. I myself prefer the religious stuff because my results are always 100 percent! Even still I know some of you don’t like it, so this is for you.


This is called the Feeding. If you want something, it wants something. What it wants is a blood offering. Each gaping flower is ready to receive and then to give. 

You can ask for anything and know it’s on the way. This piece is dual magic so you are bound by only your imagination.

I have ask and receive but this is feed and receive. 

This uses ancient ritual magic which stems from Babylon. 

To use this piece place a drop of blood into the flowers. One for the offering and one that seals your request. 

This is serious magic so please don’t be an idiot and use it like a damn fool!