Frequencies for the Mind
Frequencies for the Mind

Frequencies for the Mind

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This piece is a strange-looking necklace. It holds a frequency that was supposedly only heard once by a scientist named Jerry Ehman. We did profile this frequency in write-up once before, but it appears that the frequency- dubbed the Wow! frequency because of an exclamation found in Ehman's notes-- has made a return. This frequency was first discovered at SETI, which stands for (the) Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. However, this piece comes from somewhere in Denmark at a secret observatory that is state-run and has been collecting ET data for some time.

This piece holds this special Wow! frequency, but it has been super concentrated. As a result, when you wear this piece you will receive a very peculiar type of psychic awakening. You will connected with an advanced species. I don't know if they are human or something else. You will not experience them in their bodies, you will only be working with the mind. You will receive enlightenment. You will be fed energy from the species that will impart powers and abilities upon you such as good health, longevity, heightened awareness, heightened sense, psychic awakening, cosmic manifestation, and other abilities. The more you work with the piece the better connection you will establish and the more magic you will receive.