Galaphaestra the Granteress
Galaphaestra the Granteress
Galaphaestra the Granteress
Galaphaestra the Granteress
Galaphaestra the Granteress

Galaphaestra the Granteress

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We are able to present to you a very rare find.  This piece is made from 14k gold and glass. The piece itself is ornate and beautiful, but the reason that it is such a rare find is that it holds the presence of one of the very few female angels.  Contrary to popular opinion when a person dies they don’t go to Heaven to become angels. I know that it’s nice to think that our loved ones have passed on to become angels but in all actuality, God has a bigger purpose for them.  They will be rulers in the New Kingdom. They will command the angels. That’s how powerful they will become.  

In the meantime, we as humans were not created to command anything.  Well, we don’t command things without a little bit of help from white light magic.  We are still working o adding all of the items that we acquired from the Underground Auction in Florida, so this is one of those.  The guy that sold it to us told us that he found it after successfully infiltrating a conclave of cardinals that were invited by the Pope to meet at the Vatican.  We have no idea how he managed to do this. What I will say is that he also had a few invisibility and cloaking items or sale also, so we’re assuming that’s how he pulled o that number.  

The conclave was a secret meeting of cardinals and it was concerning magical items that had been acquired throughout the fiscal year 2017.  This particular piece was confiscated by the Catholic Church from a stash of hidden items. The stash was found in Canterbury Cathedral and kept silent as not to make a spectacle to the public.  The pieces are believed to be part of what is called the “lost collection of Canterbury,” a collection of white light magical items that believed to be kept specifically by the Archbishop, but which was lost in time somewhere over the years.  In fact, finding the collection has proven so elusive that the lost collection of Canterbury has been thought to have been a mere legend.  

Well, my friends, the lost collection is very real.  I wouldn’t expect anybody to believe those claims at face value, but we have this piece.  This piece proves that there was magic obtained in Canterbury and that it is very powerful.  It also proves that the man who got it was extremely powerful as the Catholic Church usually puts wards up when conducting such meetings.  So all of these added up to the acquisition of the piece. We then bought it and that is how we are offering it to you. So, while there is not some grand backstory on how we went on some extravagant investigation to this piece, the story about what happened when I first used it is enthralling enough fo make up for that.  

When I first wore the piece (I wore it with a chain because my fingers are like little sausages), I came face to face with a metaphysical encounter.  After meditating with this for just over an hour I finally began to have some results. This is why I tell you all that patience is very important. At first, I was transported to the beach.  I don’t know what beach, but I remember it being hot. It was nighttime and a gentle cool breeze brushed my cheeks. There was a ring of torches, twelve of them to be exact. Each of the torches had a carving on them.  Each of the torches bore a different color flame. As I watched, each of the flames left their torch and proceeded to the center of the circle. The colors swirled together until all the flames united into one enormous flame of brilliant color and light.  

From the center of the fire stepped out an angel of brilliant colors, flashing and dazzling anywhere the eye could see.  The angel had long hair pulled back out her face. She carried a sword of blazing holy fire. She also carried with her many faces. As she stepped out of the fire.  The moment she did I was able to make a telepathic connection to her. Through this connection, she was able to speak to me. Her mouth didn’t move, she only spoke in thoughtforms to my brain.  As I looked up I noticed why this was. As she approached me, I could see that her face changes every couple of seconds. I was taken aback at first, but then she spoke to me.  

“Human.  Do not be afraid, I am the ancient and might Galaphaestra.  I am the granteress of many things. Therefore I am the wearer of many faces.  I have seen into the faces of many types of supernatural forces, the magic of which I bear.  I carry with me a white light sword of holyfire, which is the authority and the command of God who fortifies and strengthens both my power and my name.”  

I found out that it was easy to communicate back to her.  All I had to do was think about what I wanted to say. “Okay, but who are you?  Where have you come from?’  

“My age is millions of years.  I am one of the many that were sent to Earth, but I am the most powerful of the many.  We were sent to spread power and knowledge to Earth before the Dawn of Evil. I was sent by God himself and I am one of very few chosen feminine angels.  I hold the power and the magic of the divine feminine. I can grant you all things, for all things are possible with the magic of God the Creator of worlds.”  At this, she stepped back into the fire and saw swallowed up.  

I have used this piece to contact Galaphaestra many times, to have things granter for others, including magic and miracles.  These things are private, but I tell you this much-- I have used this piece to grant ten very different things for ten very different customers in ten very different circumstances.  Each time I used this piece Galaphaestra was able to grant whatever it was that I asked for and cast it upon the person that I asked for it to be cast upon. Healing, wealth, love, esoteric evolution, transcendence, ascensions, enlightenment, psychic awakening, communication with the deceased, granting of power, granting of magic, granting of knowledge, summoning of white light entities, astral travel to heaven, and change of destiny are just a few of the things that Galaphaestra is able to grant to you.  She is all-knowing and all-powerful and can defeat any obstacle or situation with the sword of white light that she carries. You will not be disappointed. 

Again, this piece is an antique ring made in 14k gold and beautifully etched glass.  You can feel the power emanating from it by simply holding it in your hand.  You see in the etching that she carries her sword and one o the many faces that she carries with her.  They are who she becomes when she grants you power, magic, or whatever else you will ask for.