Ganesha Revisited
Ganesha Revisited
Ganesha Revisited

Ganesha Revisited

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This piece is an elephant pendant made with sterling silver.

We have offered other pieces like this before and they have been a huge hit, so we know that somebody out there is just waiting to get one (or another one) of these pieces in their hands. This piece was made by the master conjurer and calls upon the presence o the Great Master Ganesha. Master Ganesha is the Vedic master of overcoming obstacles. He breathes new life into all hopeless situations. All you have to do is meditate and ask him for intervention.

Examples of how you can use this piece include:

-asking him for wealth to help fix your finances

-asking him for mediation to save your marriage or relationship

-asking him to help find you a suitable lover because you have failed to do so on your own

-asking him to help you master new magic that you are setting out to learn

-asking him to heal you sexually, so you can perform better in bed

-asking him to heal you spiritually, so you can have a pure aura

-asking him for spiritual guidance in any situation

-asking him for discernment to know people's true intentions

There is really an unlimited number of situations you can summon Ganesha for. If there is a setback, he is your guy!