Georgia Guidestones Revisited:  The Truths that were Hidden All Along
Georgia Guidestones Revisited:  The Truths that were Hidden All Along
Georgia Guidestones Revisited:  The Truths that were Hidden All Along
Georgia Guidestones Revisited:  The Truths that were Hidden All Along
Georgia Guidestones Revisited:  The Truths that were Hidden All Along

Georgia Guidestones Revisited: The Truths that were Hidden All Along

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The piece you are receiving is a sterling and goldstone ring laden with the secrets and powers of the Georgia Guidestones


This piece is somewhat of a mystery even to us.  We received the piece in the mail with no instructions on it.  It had no return address.  There was absolutely nothing to guide us on what we should be doing with the piece.  We have actually had this piece for some time and we have been testing it different ways in order to see if we can extract more information out of it other than what we have already.  

For those of you who don’t know the whole story behind the Georgia Guidestones, I’ll give you a brief history.  They were a project commissioned by one Richard Christian, who was not a real man.  Rather, this name was a pseudonym for a group of people who operated cohesively to assure that the monolith was built perfectly, to specification.  There is a list of Guidestones or laws that are etched into the monument, such as keep the world population at or under 500,000,000, cherish nature, and rule justly and harmoniously.  

The Guidestones correlate to certain astronomical events such as the Sun telling what day it is at noon and the fact that the Northstar can be seen through a certain eyehole.  However, there is more the Guidestones than meets the eye.  We have written about this structure before, but this is the first time that we have actually been able to solidify exactly what the purpose of the monolith is and the function that it serves.  

We have told you before that the time of a great awakening is coming.  Some will receive it and some will be left behind.  This is simply the spiritual survival of the fittest.  Those who are ready and willing to believe and to receive the gifts that are given to them will receive them.  Those who are too stuck in worldly ways will not.  There will be a rift between the two and the “Earth” as we know it will be divided into two levels.  There are those that will continue to exist in this existence that we know.  Then, there will be those that exist in an ultra-spiritual and esoteric level of an advanced and metamorphosed Earth.  

The Georgia Guidestones?  Well, that is the anchor between the two of them.  There are secret codes written on the Guidestones for those who possess the enlightenment necessary to read them that will not only give them magic but will also lead them to this new, highly advanced version of Earth.  We only know this because this piece has come from one of the leaders of the New Earth Society, who are the ones that constructed the Monument in the first place.  They are from the future, but they are also from the past.  

The truth is that New Earth exists outside time where immortality is a thing for all beings because time ceases to exist.  There is no beginning there is no end.  They just are.  They are the same advanced group of people who tried constructing the Tower of Bable, which God struck down.  That’s why one of the commands on the monolith is “Unite Humanity With a Living Language.”  Either way, they failed in their attempt with the Tower of Babel, but they have not with their Georgia Guidestones.  This is because they constructed it in a way that didn’t contend with God for His authority or power.  

This piece is imperative if you want to be part of the crowd that ‘gets it” when the time comes.  This piece will give you spiritual enlightenment that will allow you to exist on a different frequency than the rest of humanity.  I’m not going to say that nobody else exists on this frequency or that it will make you the most powerful being in the universe because it won’t.  However, it will instill within you a new identity that will allow you to understand and comprehend the movement of the universe.  You will be given the infinite knowledge of the Cosmic Mind and you will be able to use this knowledge to become what is known as a Cosmic Bender.  

You will be able to use the cosmic knowledge and the cosmic energy that are revealed to you to create your own powers and abilities including the ability transcend and ascend to different levels of existence to gain the most knowledge and enlightenment possible before the rift.  The most important part of this piece is that it prepares you for the day the rift comes when you will be taken to New Earth.