"Get Thee Behind Me, Satan"

"Get Thee Behind Me, Satan"

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"Get thee behind me, Satan!" is a phrase that you will see Jesus saying on more than one occasion if you open up the New Testament. He uses it to rebuke the devil when he tempts him in the wilderness. When he says it, it works, because who else has the authority to rebuke Satan another God?  


This piece holds the energies of the lifeblood of Christ upon the rebuking of Satan. It holds the sanguine alchemy of Jesus as he spoke and his divine blood gave him the authority to command the devil.  


This piece will keep all evil and all darkness behind you. It will protect you from possession. It will keep you in the light of Christ at all times. If ever you feel as though you are about to be tempted or attacked, you need only speak the words, "Get thee behind me, Satan!" and you will speak with the authority of God.