Grapes of Wealth, Diakokuten's Wealth
Grapes of Wealth, Diakokuten's Wealth

Grapes of Wealth, Diakokuten's Wealth

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Today we are going to have an "Asian" day. We'd call it an Oriental day, but evidently, that's offensive to people these days. I don't know why or how. Either way, the pieces that we offer today are going to be filled with Asian magic! We love Asian magic because it has evolved differently from the rest of the world!  


This first piece we acquired from one of the UAs. It came from a Japanese sorcerer with a very, very long beard. He didn't look that old, but he told us that he had spent 127 years trying to capture the essence that has been placed in this piece.


This piece has been created with the wealth of energies of Daikokuten's wine. If you don't know who Daikokuten is, you can research him. The simple answer is that he is one of the Seven Lucky Deities. He grants wealth and good fortune.  


Summoning Daikokuten is powerful enough, but being able to drink his wine takes his power to a whole new level. I don't know much about it, but there is some ritual that you must follow that includes leaving out a chalice for Diakokuten into which he will pour his wine if he finds your offering befitting.  


This is a very secret ritual and only top-level Japanese sorcerers know about it. However, those that do know that it can take A LOT of pandering to get Diakokuten to leave his wine for you. As we have said, it took this sorcerer 127 years to finally receive the wine.  


Instead of drinking the wine, the sorcerer used it as a magical elixir in which to soak items that then became magical. The magic? They grant the wealth of Daikokuten-- x100. This is very powerful Asian wealth that will come to you in whatever form you most desire them. All you have to do is wear the piece and the wealth will become yours.