Gypsy Companion-- Magical Jack of all Trades

Gypsy Companion-- Magical Jack of all Trades

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This piece holds the spirit of a gypsy witch named Rochelle. She is a little bit zany, but she is a good companion to have around your house. She mostly travels in spirit form but will show herself to you from time to time as long as you are okay with it. She is versed in the things that she can do for you, which she will do in exchange for living in your home. For instance, she can drive negative spirits from your home. She can bring wealth and financial stability to your home. She can bless your home with a white light aura. She can also cast spells on your behalf. If your home is lonely, she might help you find love or bring you friendship and family. She is a jack of all trades and has no problem helping you out magically, because you are helping her out spiritually.